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13th Floor Haunted House

13th Floor Haunted House
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13th Floor Haunted House
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1940 George St.
Melrose Park

Get Ready to Get Scared Chicago! The World Famous 13th Floor Haunted House brings its nationally celebrated brand of terror to Chicagoland in 2014! Featuring 30,000 square feet of horror and entertainment and 2 all new mind blowing attractions!

Phone Number: 708-571-3326


Wow, after hearing years of hype, we finally decided to give this a try. We were very disappointed. It started from the beginning when we arrived – they directed us to the XSport fitness lot telling us to park there. We get in that lot, and there are "No Parking-You will be towed" signs on sawhorses all over the lot. I go back to the haunt, and they tell me that I am wrong, and must be mistaken. I go back and take a photo showing it, show it to them and they again say I am wrong, and that they are sponsored by XSport and to park there anyhow. I parked there, and luckily I wasn't towed, but when I came out they were no longer having people park in the XSport lot, but rather in a gravel lot haphazardly around semi trucks. Inside, the indoor queue area was nice, with a huge projector screen with ads and random Halloween movie trivia questions. As for the haunt itself – they claim that they have "2 all new mind blowing attractions." I must have gone to a different haunted house…it was all one big walkthrough with no discernible separate attractions. We asked the guard at the end, where's the second attraction and he said that we already did it. I must say, that was the most shocking part of the entire haunt – the fact that they so blatantly misled me. That being said, out of the four different haunted houses we went to this year, 13th Floor is the only one I am not recommending to friends.
George Hinkes | 10/09/2017
Carlos Ovalle | 10/05/2016
Bought my Fast Pass tickets ahead of time through Groupon which is one of the best things any haunt can do. It made my wait practically nonexistent. The line that everyone is supposed to be waiting in though is very neat. There are huge statues of werewolves and other creatures and it looked like there might have been a stage, but there was nothing going on so I'm not sure. The reading of the rules was by the girl who was controlling the flow of people so it was quick and to the point. Once we got in, it seemed like it went by VERY quickly. And it did. We were in there for 24 minutes all together. There are two different haunts and each one was over much too soon. The sets were so beautiful, I could cry. The detail and immensity of each room and each pathway was something I've only dreamed of. From the outside, the place looks massive; however, I really would like to see the space used up more. There were a lot of rooms that were just big, wide open spaces. The costumes and makeup were fantastic, especially the line actors. Most of the scares seemed to be rather recycled and all of the actors in the haunt were popping out to scare me as opposed to actually ACTING. With everything being said, I can't wait to see what next year and the year after that will bring.
britneeee | 10/16/2014
Very freaky! I went to Statesville and this house the same night . And I have to say this house is very creepy. Loved it. Love it!
ron.castle12 | 10/13/2014
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