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About HHC

HauntedHouseChicago.com was founded and launched in the late 1990’s by dedicated haunted house enthusiast Kris Zahrobsky, who ran the site with his team of reviewers for many years and built the site into a Chicagoland Halloween institution. Since the 20th century, if you wanted to find a haunted house within 3 hours of Chicago, you had only to visit HauntedHouseChicago.com!

For various reasons, Kris decided to sell the website after the 2007 season. The new owners immediately overhauled the site to bring it into modern code compliance and to introduce new/improved site features like Google Maps and a more streamlined user review/rating system. Each season since 2008, they’ve watched how the site works, listened to the criticisms and, every season, upgraded the site to better serve you, the Chicagoland haunted house seeker! 2014 has seen another complete overhaul of the site to drop features that simply weren’t working as hoped and to introduce new features to improve your experience with it.

The owners of HHC since 2008 are John LaFlamboy and Chad Savage. John is the owner of Zombie Army Productions, which produces Statesville Haunted Prison and The Fear at Navy Pier, as well as a number of annual zombie-themed Chicago events, locally-produced feature films and other projects. Chad is the owner of Sinister Visions inc., a visual design studio that specializes in haunted houses and dark-themed businesses internationally. Chad also runs the Dark Chicago series of websites, manages the marketing/website for the Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention and generally does his best to keep things seriously spooky in Chicagoland.

The new owners (enthusiastically!) kept Kris on as the Chief Reviewer for HHC, recognizing that Kris has been reviewing haunted houses in Chicagoland for over a decade. Nobody has a more informed or educated opinion than he does. Further, John, as a haunted house owner in Chicago, doesn’t want favoritism shown to his attractions by HHC and, to that end, Kris and his team operate completely independently of the owners. That is to say, it doesn’t matter who owns the website, as far as they’re concerned – The HHC Review Team‘s reviews are based solely on the haunted house they’re reviewing at the time.

During any given September/October, John spends 150% of his time running his haunted houses; Kris and his team visit and review roughly 60 haunted houses; Chad sits in his spider-filled office overseeing the web operations of HHC (and hundreds of other websites) and makes sure HHC runs smoothly.

HauntedHouseChicago.com actively encourages user interaction and reviews, but with the caveat that most users who leave a review have only visited a few area haunted houses (at best). The HHC Review Team has visited more haunted houses throughout Chicagoland than anybody else, and they do it every yearWho’s opinion are you going to trust?

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