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Basement of the Dead Haunted House

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Basement of the Dead Haunted House
42 W. New York St.

Basement of the Dead

Top 13 Haunted House in America! -Hauntworld.com


In the late 1920’s, Walker Laundry opened at 42 West New York St. and became Aurora’s largest laundry Company. Around 1945 Imus Kilya was working there as maintenance engineer. His son Al came to work as his assistant in 1960. Heat for the building and steam for the presses was supplied by a coal fired boiler installed when the building was built. Al and Imus continually complained that it needed to be replaced, but management wouldn’t spend the money. In 1964 the boiler exploded maiming and scalding Al and Imus. They never returned to work and rumor was they had vowed to get even.

Under the streets and building were sewer lines and tunnels well known to Al and Imus. A year or so after the explosion people from the laundry started to disappear and body parts were found in the river near the drainage pipes. Al and Imus were suspected but never found. The laundry eventually closed and the basement was never used again. Businesses have come and gone but nobody stays. Basement Of The Dead is proof that Al & Imus still exist and have made this basement their home.. The mutilation and horror you will witness is so shocking, you’ll wish you never entered.




Shattered, the smashing clown, lost all sense of being human the day his famous sledgehammer trick malfunctioned, killing his wife and partner. He knew it had to have been the roadies fault for setting up the trick incorrectly or the pressure he felt from the crowd to do one more stupid trick! The hate and pain devoured his soul. Evil was all that remained. He went through the crowd like a hammer goes through a skull. When his rampage was over, 30 audience members and 15 workers found their final resting places in a puddle of their own blood. That was the last night Shattered the smashing clown was ever seen.

Rumor has it that the clown took refuge down in the darkest depths of an old building at 42 W. New York St. The locals call the building the Basement of the Dead. The story goes on to say that Shattered spent his time in exile praying to demons and learning to spread his evil across dimensions. His vivid nightmares are now becoming part of his resurrected circus. The rumor also says that all the souls he took that night followed him down there. They are keeping the smashing clown company.

Now, the circus tent is reopened! Can you hear the pipe organ in the distance? Shattered the smashing clown is longing to make you scream again. The show must go on! Come see SHATTERED Circus, The World’s Best 3D Nightmare.”



From the moment you arrive you are full of suspense as you hear the screams in the distance and soon see the actors walking amongst the crowd. As you enter, chills cross your spine as you begin the decline into the Basement of the Dead. The actors catch you by surprise around every corner and never cease to amaze!

The 2nd haunt is Shattered 3D… wow!! The 3D effects are amazing and everything blends. This entire haunt is an element of surprise and you never know what to expect!

The Basement of the Dead and Shattered 3D are by far my favorite haunts! Remarkable staff, phenomenal actors, and absolutely chilling!

Jeremy Ernst | 10/16/2016

Basement of the Dead has been my favorite haunt for several years running now. Every year they find way to build on their existing haunted house and phase out aging “attractions” while bringing in new and innovated “attractions.” What makes Basement such a great haunt is that the owners understand what scares people the most–your own fears and uncertainty of what’s ahead and around you–most notably the darkness. On top of having a fantastic haunt, they have the best outside entertainment than any other haunt hands down, which adds so much more to the experience. If you can only make it to one haunt this year, I highly recommend you check out this one. There is no way you can leave disappointed.

As a bonus, Basement also features a 2nd haunt called Shattered, which is the PERFECT haunt with all of this crazy clown business going on today. As if that wasn’t enough, Shattered is 3D… and completely dark (you are provided a flashlight to find your way through). What other haunt comes remotely close what these guys have to offer?

Shaun | 10/13/2016

Basement of the Dead is a solid haunted house. The basement is filled with good jump scares and the usual obstacles you come to find in most haunts. However, when they say “you will not recognize it from last year”, I have to disagree. I went to Basement of the Dead several years ago and this years trip felt very familiar. I definitely had deja vu walking though parts of the basement. Regardless, it was still a good time. I definitely prefer the second part of the haunt, the Shattered 3D clown themed house. If youre afraid of clowns, good luck to you. I think clowns are creepy, but awesome so I loved it. My favorite room was one that was filled with cotton candy cocoons that looked like they were straight out of one of my favorite movies, Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Overall, this haunt has a little something for everyone, whether youre looking to be scared, creeped out or dazzled by imagery. One of the better haunted houses I’ve been to.

Google – Katie Loncar | 10/07/2016

Very sold attraction with good entertainment as you wait in line with a dj and actors walking around to scare you and they are on point. The basement was about 10 mins to walk through and shattered about 5. the basement is a dark and well put together adventure with great acting. I loved the silent hill room very well done. At some parts during the walk though it could be easy to get a little lost, which is a good thing ( I dont like when haunted houses are super linear). shattered dreams is a whole different experience as you are given 3d glass and a flashlight to help increase the 3d effects. Great intense scares from the basement medium scare factor from shattered.

da5nail | 10/18/2015
jlogothetis | 10/22/2014
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