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The Dark Art of Chad Savage

Warehouse X

Warehouse X 2017

Warehouse X

East Dundee, IL
Reviewed on: Sunday, October 15, 2017

Some say that the best monsters are the ones that hide in the shadows. These aren’t the big ones that you can see coming from a mile away, but rather the ones that sneak up on you and haunt your nightmares. While sitting down to write this review about our experience, this really came to mind, because Warehouse X may not be the biggest show, but it certainly gave these reviewers some of the strongest feelings of fear they have had in a long time.

Sitting next to the famous Chicago family amusement park, Santa’s Village, within the confines of a paintball park, is the alternate reality known as “Warehouse X.”  Produced by the dream team at Fables Studios, Warehouse X is one-part zombie attack, one-part haunted house, one-part laser tag, and one-part hell on earth.

As we approached the entrance, other than a few signs and an actor wielding a chainsaw, we truly wouldn’t have any idea of what we were about to experience.

We were then asked to sign a standard waiver. A little nerve-wracking, but still not really concerned.

We entered into the briefing room where we were handed some fun weighty-realistic two-hands-required gun, complete with neck strap. The brain is still saying, “Still not worried.”

After some safety rules, we were then plunged into the darkness of their attraction, armed with our guns in hand. So, far, it just feels like a normal haunted house with some added firearms.

As expected, the first zombie came at us, and we blasted away. (Remember Rule #2: Double Tap.) AND only head-shots count.

As the actor reacted and then fell into a slouched mess on the floor, our false sense of safety returned and we moved onward. Little did we know, that would not be the last we saw of our friend. Within a few moments, he regenerated and attacked our unsuspecting group swiftly. As our hearts raced, and the hair stood on the back of our necks, we now knew EXACTLY how this adventure was going to go. Safety was nowhere to be found, and this was going to require complete alertness, covering all 360-degrees.

Throughout the rest of the trek through the 40,000 square foot open-air arena, we covered two floors of paths, and constantly had to stay on-guard. Foreshadowing helped set up encounters, and even after we passed, actors made sure to remind us that they were still there… waiting and watching.

We have to admit, this was probably the most fun we have ever had at a haunted house! Actors were playful, yet terrifying with perfect timing and approaches. They knew the dark and corners, and made sure we didn’t have any idea of what was coming. Scenes were a variety of ones you would see in a shooter-style video game, complete with plenty of places to hide. Among their props, they even have a full-sized helicopter coming from the skies! It was very easy to be immersed into their world! (Like we said in the beginning: Alternate reality.)

We know that other attractions offer similar “laser zombie” attractions. But, this is the only one that is open specifically for the Halloween season. AND we are extremely glad they are!

The Bottom Line: A haunted attraction is supposed to be fun, entertaining, suck you into another world, and scare the absolute heck out of you… right? Warehouse X does a great job of making sure you are having fun, that your heart is racing, and you aren’t resting for even a moment. We highly recommend this attraction to anyone looking for an “alternate” to the traditional haunted house this Halloween!

– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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