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Undead Acres 2018

Undead Acres 2018

Monee, IL
Reviewed on: Sunday, October 21, 2018

After an impressive outing in 2017, Undead Acres became one of the newest and most unique members of the Haunted House Chicago family. Extremely family friendly, this is a well-kept facility decorated for the fall season and incredibly inviting. With the bonfire crackling away, and hot chocolate in our hands, we were excited to celebrate the season. But, all was not exactly as it seems.

It would appear the dead have risen in the fields of the Undead Acres. After a short wait, guests are asked to put down their ciders, and pick up a weapon… well a paintball gun anyway.

As we ventured around the back, we found a host stand, similar to your neighborhood chain restaurant. Instead of waiting in line, we were able to give our name and wander the grounds, awaiting our turn. While we waited, we were treated to shooting some corn cannons, petting some goats, and even getting some practice in on their own paintball shooting arcade.

Soon, we were summoned that the “groundskeeper” was ready for us. As we met a dark, cloaked figure, it guided us into the darkness. Completely outdoor, we traversed through a number of traditional haunted attraction scenes like the circus, murder sites, and various images of the macabre.

As we found our way back to the main area completing our time on the Terror Trail, we were told that it was now our time to “shoot some zombies.” (Hopefully, our practice paid off.) We boarded the modified trailer and embarked on our very own zombie safari! Traversing through the fields, hordes of zombies attacked the wagon without regard. Showing speed like Jesse Owens, our trailer was in constant danger! Thankfully, some of us were better at conserving our paintball ammunition! The fear certainly became real as we felt the imminent danger approaching, and our ammo supply getting lower. But, the entire time we had a glowing smile on our faces!

Monsters of Note: The entire zombie team, Frank, and of course, Granny.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this is exactly what the season should be: FUN! They have all the proper ingredients for a wonderful evening the entire family can enjoy: hot cider, snacks, scares, and zombies! Make sure you take the family to Undead Acres this season for a great evening that will keep the entire family running back for more!

~Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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