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Tour of Terror

Tour of Terror 2017

Tour of Terror

Hobart, IN
Reviewed on:  Saturday, October 28, 2017

New to Haunted House Chicago for 2017, and a new concept to Haunted House Chicago overall, the team reported for duty in Hobert, IN, just 15 miles from the Illinois/Indiana border. Not sure what to expect, we followed the lights and signs like moths to a flame. Boy, were we in for a real surprise!

First, let’s talk about this location. “Tour of Terror” is located on the grounds of the historic Nike Missile Base C-47. This isn’t your typical mini-mall haunt or converted barn. This is actually on the grounds of a one-time functional Nike Missile Base. With nuclear missiles. It is on the national registrar of historical places. It has its own National Park Service entry and webpage. Ok, how about this: It has its own Wikipedia page!

Attention perked? Ours too!

The front end of this adventure sets patrons into the role of civilians being deployed into an area where something has gone very wrong. We were met and escorted by our military officer/guide to help keep us safe. All around us, sounds of guns and bombs could be heard attacking the area. We quickly found ourselves in the middle of a war zone, with nowhere to turn but to follow and trust our guide. As we ran from building to building, ducking and covering, this really felt like nothing we had ever felt before! What a real adventure!

There’s a ton to be said for this experience! First, let’s talk more about the natural location. The setting has old missile silos, barracks, medical wards, and other military buildings that are just decaying from years of lack of maintenance. (What an experience on its own for real history lovers!) The smell, the rust, the feel… is creepy enough! But, then you add in some great props and a darn-good sound system that has to give that “war zone” feeling outdoors. Ask any sound guy, this is not an easy feat to pull off a very believable effect.

Now that the scenes are set, add in a cast of characters that role play military officers as good as anything we have ever seen! Sure, we have some masked baddies coming at us from the dark at every angle, but the real performance is set by the “military-esque” actors helping to complete the illusion and immerse you into the setting.

There are a lot of haunted attractions that do very well with clown rooms, torture chambers, and other “traditional” scenes. Tour of Terror focuses on keeping this theatrical portrayal as accurate as I think any attraction has ever made it. After the first few minutes, we forgot the outside world and were fully consumed into their world. The fear here is different… There are less “startles” and more “running for your life!” We definitely give a standing ovation and can’t wait to come back again. Bravo! This is one that we will be watching for some major movement in the next few years.

***Editor’s Note: Tour of Terror depicts military actions and characteristics. While we are not experts on military accuracy, we appreciated the uniqueness of this attraction. We have the utmost respect for our military and feel this portrayal was done with full respect. Also, this attraction was reviewed close to the very end of the 2017 season and their official review did not post to the website until after the season. was long completed. We apologize for the delay, and promise to have the upcoming season review among the very first completed in October 2018.


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