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The Park After Dark 2018

The Park After Dark 2018

Chicago, IL
Reviewed on: Thursday, October 25, 2018

We have several amazing things that we need to celebrate with The Park After Dark. First, this is in the City of Chicago, which is becoming more and more rare. Second, it is officially sponsored by the Chicago Park District, which is great for the community! Third, there are a number of teens that are working here, which is just amazing and inspiring. (More on this later!) And fourth, it is operated and designed by veteran haunter, Marcus Bales. After many years in Madison working with other attractions, he decided to make the journey to Chicago, and we are extremely glad he is here!

Set in the pool area of Chase Park in the Uptown/Ravenswood communities, Park After Dark celebrates its very first season in 2018. Combining all of the aspects of a professionally-designed haunted attraction, the Park After Dark management team is assembling a program where kids can work, learn, and grow their skills through building and acting in a haunted attraction. The staff here is passionate about their project, and overwhelmingly proud to showcase it for all to see!

As we approached the front of the house (please see the pictures on social media), we were surprised as the wait line actually veered off into the dark shower/locker room. Already setting the scene for scares, actors found dark corners to cause a stir, and prime the imagination for what was to come. The room kept a great rhythm balancing from quiet emptiness, to loud and shocking. Finally, we arrived at the front door of the house, which was an old, creepy façade disguising the madhouse we were about to enter.

Inside the haunted house, we journeyed through a number of traditional scenes like an electric chair, bedroom, and library. Although the actors were younger, they exhibited amazing patience and timing. We found that each member of our group received a very healthy amount of attention! There was an even mix of those classic haunted house features like drop down windows, and even a chainsaw finale. All of this with a truly remarkable soundtrack, right out of the movies!

But, our favorite scene was the jail cells. While the setting was just fine, it was the amazing actresses who made the room so memorable! Balancing each other, one stared with quiet intensity and confidence, while the other exhibited a set of lungs that would lead to a future in the opera! What an amazing room by two incredible young ladies! We can’t wait to see how your haunting career flourishes!

Monsters of Note: The ladies from the prison cell. Bravo!

The Bottom Line: We can’t commend Marcus and his incredible team of young haunters and crew enough! This is a fun and entertaining attraction, and what’s even better is to see young people from our great city working and learning the craft of haunted houses. We are proud that an attraction like this exists, and it is definitely one we hope stays around for decades to come. Take the family and come see a great way to celebrate Halloween in Chicago!

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