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Realm of Terror Haunted House 2017

Realm of Terror 2017

Realm of Terror Haunted House

Round Lake Beach, IL
Reviewed on: Friday, October 20, 2017

Celebrating its 15th year of fear, Realm of Terror Haunted House in Round Lake Beach, Illinois has definitely grown, along with its owner over the years.  Chosen as a past Haunted House Chicago Haunted Attraction of the Year Award-winner, this attraction is always growing and evolving and constantly changing.  This year was no different.  In celebration of their 15th anniversary, the creator behind Realm of Terror updated the logo and once again re-themed the attraction for 2017.

Over the years, we have come to see that there are very few attractions within this industry that begin the show from the moment you leave your car to the moment you get back in it. With that being said, Realm of Terror is one of those select few. Not only can you hear the music playing in the distance, the fire booming, but the sounds of screams from within can be heard throughout the parking lot.  One of the best things that RoT does is the usage of their line actors.  They are everywhere and well, to put it nicely, quite disgusting and LOVE to get in your personal space. (Trust us, if you get to meet the Dentist, she’ll want to inspect every crevice, and we don’t just mean your mouth!)

If you have never had the opportunity to experience Realm of Terror, let us inform you now that this attraction is intended for an adult audience.  With adult themes and a LOT of gore, anyone that is willing to cross that boundary line should take a walk through and experience this attraction for themselves.  Adding to the adult theme is a bar within their wait line, where patrons can take the edge off by buying a drink or shot… or two…or three… to help calm their nerves prior to entering.

Our journey for the evening began by entering a small chamber with a large video screen.  As our group fanned out shoulder-to-shoulder from wall-to-wall, we waited for the video to begin.  As we patiently watched the video, informing us of the plot and evil within, little did we know what would happen next. (Well played, sir, well played.) Something the demented mind behind RoT does is always having a surprise for his patrons, and this year took the cake.  While we won’t give too much away, when the lights go out, be ready to be baptized!

As the preacher entered the room, he informs us all of the evil within the house and gives us advice on how to accept the darkness.  We always enjoy our encounter with this actor, who over the years has been the leading man to send you into the attraction.  Once inside, we began our tour of the residence.  Here, the surge of evil was everywhere and the depths of the darkness consumed the actors within.  Every room that we came to was filled with gore and actors that were bouncing off the walls filled with the possession of evil.

Another area that RoT does well is bringing patrons out of their comfort level.  This attraction LOVES to make their customers move a lot within the room.  From ducking under low hanging props, to fitting through tight turns and halls, Realm of Terror definitely hits every aspect of that!

Every room we entered, the actors were hungry for fresh new blood.  They were relentless in their attacks and kept their performance going without taking a single breath to stop.  Another thing their actors do very well is have a lot of patience.  While members of our group walked through certain rooms, the actors waited with diligence to attack the middle of the group, not just the first person to walk by.  Some of our group didn’t even know some of the actors were real people, that’s how great of a job they did!

Just when we thought we escaped the family’s residence, we were thrown into the second half of the attraction.  Re-imagined for 2017, patrons enter a plethora of black and white hallways, as a slow strobe flickers above you.  Presenting an assault on your senses, you are left to find your way out.

Throughout this maze, the actors were spot on in their attacks.  Timed perfectly with the strobe, actors would be across the room one moment, and the next they were right in front of you!  We truly commend these actors for a job well done in knowing exactly how to play within the shadows and light of this maze.

The Bottom Line: Realm of Terror celebrated their 15th anniversary with a bang.  This is certainly continues to be one of the best attractions in the game. While coming up with a new theme is always hard, RoT makes it look easy and always gives patrons a great show worth every dollar.  This is definitely an attraction you don’t want to miss, so make sure that you add it to your “must-see” list!

– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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