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The Dark Art of Chad Savage
The Dark Art of Chad Savage

Midnight Terror Haunted House

Midnight Terror Haunted House 2017

Midnight Terror Haunted House

Oak Lawn, IL
Reviewed on: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Homegrown right from the south side of Chicago, Justin Cerniuk, a former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, set forth to create his vision of darkness. Transitioning from several different addresses over the years, Midnight Terror Haunted House finally found their permanent home in an old 26,000 square foot fabrics factory in his hometown of Oak Lawn, Illinois. A perfect setting, Cerniuk set up roots, hung up tattered curtains, and called it home.

A few years later, Justin and Co., have truly settled in and have fine-tuned their operation. Boasting not only (2) traditional haunted houses, but an additional outdoor chainsaw maze, a laser tag facility, AND a 10-minute paranormal-themed escape room.  (Which HHC had a chance to experience, and we highly recommend this add-on!) Midnight Terror is definitely a well-rounded evening destination for all-things terror.

The traditional haunted houses are dark, gritty, and messy. Scenes are raw and intense, and any safety bubble you thought you had disappeared when you left the confines of your car. But, make no mistake, there’s no “black walls” here. Each room is overfilling with detail and design. There’s even running water!

While a dark creepy factory, blood-lined walls, and the comforting hum of chainsaws are felt in the distance, everyone knows that just sets the table. Actors are very aggressive and hungry… and dinner just arrived.

Will there be blood? Oh yes, there will be blood.

Our favorites include the opening church scene, tunnel work, and the team of clowns. But, we need to make a special mention of the “women” actors of Midnight Terror. With no disrespect to any other attraction, but the women here as a collective unit, are just fantastic. There are no damsels in distress.

Which brings us to “Daisy.” Daisy is an actress we ran into midway through the attraction. Balancing out her co-stars, Daisy used a different approach. Instead of loud and in-your-face mannerisms, Daisy spoke softly and slowly, with each action and movement intentional and orchestrated. Her entire hand caked in what we might describe as a “syrup” of sorts, she alternated from tasting her fingers, to a variety of 1920’s euphemisms, calling patrons, “Toots”, “Cupcake” and “Buttercup.”  While many scenes only have a few seconds to deliver their performance, Daisy not only accomplished an amazing routine, but left a lasting impression that will keep us up with nightmares for many nights to come. Bravo!

The Bottom Line: Midnight Terror has certainly grown up. Some may use the term “community haunt” to describe an attraction that is good for the entire family. While we want all attractions to be financially successful, we must say this is not for all ages. While the community may be involved in supporting this attraction’s success, this is definitely a full-blown haunted destination you must plan to visit on your travels this Halloween.

– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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