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The Dark Art of Chad Savage
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The Massacre Haunted House

The Massacre Haunted House 2017

The Massacre Haunted House

Montgomery, IL
Reviewed on: Saturday, September 29, 2017

Bringing another year of fear to Montgomery, Illinois is The Massacre Haunted House.  The minds behind this attraction are veterans of the industry and have developed this attraction into what it is today, a well-oiled machine.

As you approached their building, located in an old store-front building, numerous characters are roaming the parking lot torturing the patrons waiting to get inside.  With witty banter from them all, one even tried to sit in the car to wait with us for the rest of our group!  Once inside the building, guests are offered the chance to take a photo (which may include a photo-bomb or two with some roaming actors), a chance to watch a horror movie as you wait in line, and numerous opportunities to watch other guests get startled before even entering the attraction.

Once inside, the sets comes to life as you weave your way in and out of each room.  Now, for those that have never been to The Massacre, something that they are VERY good at is their attention to detail.  From the floor to the ceiling, they don’t leave a corner untouched.  Some of the iconic scenes that stand out is their hospital area and jungle area.  Making you feel like you are stepping out onto a movie set, from the lighting to the sound, it brings it all to life.

What adds to these rooms you may ask? Their actors.  This year, the actors were on top of their game and willing to play with their victims… oops, we mean guests.  One of the actors that stood out the most was their Doctor in the hospital area.  Weaving in and out of each room, he made sure that you all knew no matter where you went, he would be there, waiting for you.  While we won’t give too much away, make sure to take a look at what he’s carrying with him, it’ll give you a nice little giggle, in between all your screams of terror.

As we continued on our journey, we came upon the 2nd attraction, Freak Show 3D.  Bringing all your nightmares to life, with numerous clowns everywhere you turned, the 3D artistic detail put into this attraction is breathtaking.  Now, when we say that there is paint everywhere, we mean EVERYWHERE! Even down to the floors, portions of the floor you walk on make you feel as if you really need to keep your balance!

Just when you think you are done with the attraction, The Massacre throws you a curve ball and throws you back into their big house.  In this area, “Terror Town”, you go through an industrial area filled with ravenous actors hungry for fresh blood.  No matter where you turn, someone is always in front of or behind you.  This area of the attraction definitely is a great way to end the evening, leaving you screaming for more.

As an added bonus for 2017, patrons are able to do a 5-minute escape room.  For those that have never done an escape room before, the objective is to solve a series of puzzles and clues to solve the game. Normally, a room escape lasts 60-minutes, so this 5-minute game will just whet your appetite wanting more!  Our group was able to make it out with 2 minutes left on the clock and we were just the second group to accomplish it that night!  While we won’t give too much away, think of this game as a scenario out of Jigsaw’s crazy mind in the SAW series.  You have 5 minutes to beat the clock, or lose your hand!  Good luck.

The Bottom Line: Every year, The Massacre gets bigger and better.  From the set details to their acting, they give patrons one heck of a show that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

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