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House of Torment Chicago 2018

House of Torment Chicago 2018

Morton Grove, IL
Reviewed on: Thursday, October 18, 2018

House of Torment is also a legendary attraction in the haunted industry. A part of the 13th Floor Entertainment group, House of Torment also has an additional location in Austin, TX. Lucky for us, we have one that is fairly close to the City and were very excited to see what they had in-store for us for 2018!

Modeled after the City of Chicago, we were welcomed into some familiar settings. But, before we could get comfortable, we were immediately whisked away to their first attraction, “Survive the Night: Patient Zero.” New for 2018, we had no idea what the experience would entail and were thrown in with no preparation. Our hearts racing, only two of us were asked to proceed at a time. We were asked to sit in wheelchairs, firmly strapped in, and then a hood was placed over our heads. With no choice in the matter, the adventure down the rabbit hole was just about to begin! Completely in the staff’s hands, we were given the narrative and details about the situation, and treated like patients that were infected. As we experienced different tests from doctors, special recordings along with crafted scripts from actors made for this to be an experience right out of a zombie show! We don’t want to give any more away, but a standing ovation for the House of Torment crew for this exhilarating experience!

As our hearts settled, we met “The Mayor,” and local cheerleader as we prepared to enter the second attraction, “Dead by Dawn.” Using many city-scenes, we boarded a great imitation of Chicago’s “L” trains and our adventure set off through the underbelly and alleys of the Town of Perdition.  A virus has been unleashed and the hopes are very slim we would be able to escape. Through some miracle, we made it out alive… and healthy… so we thought.

We arrived at the third attraction which was titled, “The Shadowrealm: Slenderman.” We entered a building that was named, “Templeton High.” Modeled after a high school, we toured through a number of high school scenes like classrooms, locker rooms, and hallways. (And even a photography darkroom!) Detail was certainly among the best we have seen, and even a teacher in our team was overly impressed with the illusion! Zombie football players and cheerleaders had sliding pads and tortured us as we attempted to walk down the halls. But, the teachers were really the monsters that threated to use us as sacrifices! Special recognition to the librarian who never let us feel comfortable in the library!

Monsters of note: The Mayor

The Bottom Line: This was an exhilarating experience that we haven’t felt before. We loved the detail, and fantasy each of the attractions let us feel. This was fun AND scary! A staple on our “Top 13” list, it should be among your highest considerations to visit this season!

~ Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review



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