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Hoppers Haunted House 2018

Hoppers Haunted House 2018

Rockford, Illinois
Reviewed on: Saturday, October 27, 2018

Located about 91 miles west of Chicago, Hoppers Haunted House is about the farthest west that we go in our review radius. BUT, just because it is far, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the drive. On the contrary, it is actually a show that can only be experienced in a more rural setting. Sitting amongst the dark woods, underneath the starry sky, on a huge parcel of land, sits Hoppers Haunted House. After driving on a long dark road for a few miles, the only indication we had arrived was the flashing lights of the Hoppers custom ambulance. Maybe it was the feeling of near silence, or being in the middle of virtual nowhere, but the hairs on our arms were standing and we hadn’t even approached the front door!

When we finally worked up the nerve to get inside and start the tour, we found ourselves in a long, winding labyrinth of dark endless hallways. With dirt floors and short ceilings (about 6-1/2” feet or so), this was an uncommon experience. Feeling almost “boxed-in,” our comfort level was immediately vanquished. If you are afraid of the dark, this is definitely the place for you!

Now, let’s talk a little more about the “endless” hallways that we mentioned above. We don’t count steps or length, so this has to be an unofficial, non-data based claim. But, Hoppers would definitely be in consideration for longest walk-through haunted attraction in the Chicagoland area. Actors play to this design by letting us know, on a consistent basis, that there is no escaping and that we will indeed die here.

Whisking us in and out of covered pathways, we walked about a variety of traditional old-school haunted attraction scenes, mixed with a thought-proving soundtrack, instead of the traditional metal music. Every so often, we would find ourselves outside in a clearing, and some with REAL gravestones! The silence was deafening and forced us to adjust our senses, only to be tossed right back into the darkness moments later.

Another major highlight for us was an additional “lighter” maze. Utilizing very small spaces, and tight construction, frustration mounted as we attempted to escape the chamber designed to run us like a rat in the maze! Bravo!

Monsters of Note: Kill Joy

The Bottom Line: From the moment we arrived, the feeling of uneasiness was instantaneous. This haunt puts patrons through a juggernaut of a journey and is worth every penny, as it may be the longest attraction in our neck of the woods! With 24 years of sending guests swirling through their nightmares, it must just be the perfect time to take the plunge and experience the fear that is Hoppers!

~Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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