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The Hill Has Eyes

The Hill Has Eyes 2017

The Hill Has Eyes

Franklin, WI
Reviewed on: Sunday, October 1, 2017

Just located about 40 minutes north of the Illinois-Wisconsin border sits “The Hill Has Eyes” in Franklin, Wisconsin.  Set on the property of The Rock sports complex, patrons will find 5 attractions scattered throughout the grounds.  Be prepared for a full night of thrills and chills under the moonlit skies, as this entire attraction takes you outside on one spooky adventure.

As you make your way towards the start of the attractions, the sound of music is blaring from the tent, amping patrons up to begin their journey into the unknown.  Complete with a bar, guests can help shake those pre-haunt jitters off by having a beverage or two…. or three… or however many it takes to get the edge off.

We began our journey into the first attraction, “Containment”, which definitely set the tone for the intensity of these attractions.  Weaving in and out and making your way down some dark hallways, dodging your way out of different rooms, testing your mind and body.  This attraction gives an added bonus when you might have to be “hooded” past your face and make it through to safety.

As you leave the first attraction, you come upon their second attraction, “Failed Escape”, where mutant hillbillies are waiting for their taste of fresh blood and meat.  With many twists and turns along the way, as well as very relentless actors, you don’t know how long it will take you to get out! Be careful, we were told they were looking for some new pets to keep for themselves!

Continuing on our trek, “Hunger Hollow” offers you another dark walk on their second trail.  As numerous actors wait for their next victim to arrive, you don’t want to be the last one through the door, you might just end up the first eaten!  The actors in these scenes had perfect patience, waiting until our entire group was within sight before they attacked.  A big applause to these actors on being so diligent!

One of our favorite scenes was the graveyard, set under the starry night sky, the actors here made you feel as if you were going to be watching a real sacrifice happen at any moment! Great placement for a scene and even better choice of actors to fill those roles!

Making our way out of the trail, is one of the MOST interesting attractions that we have EVER seen, ANYWHERE!  Heading towards the “Scare Lift”, which yes, you guessed correctly, is a ski lift!!! As you embark on this journey up the hill, you never know what may be lurking down below.

After disembarking the lift, you reach your final destination “CARNIvore”.  Here you enter the world filled with demonic carnies just waiting to torture you with as much pain and suffering as they can offer.  Even the clown at the start has a nice little trick up her… nose!

The Bottom Line: For an all-around evening of thrills and chills, The Hill Has Eyes has brought a great attraction to the Milwaukee-area.  For those looking for a fun evening in the outdoors, make sure you visit them soon!


– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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