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Hayride of Horror & Curse of the Bayou 2018

Hayride of Horror & Curse of the Bayou 2018

Lockport, IL
Reviewed on: Friday, October 12, 2018

Taking up residence for its 4th year in Lockport, Illinois, Hayride of Horror at Dellwood Park in back again! This attraction has been bringing dreams and nightmares to life to their patrons, courtesy of the Lockport Park District. What makes this attraction so special?  It’s one of the select few attractions that offer a hayride in the Chicagoland area.

As we waited to board our chariot, we encountered the changeling fairy, Astraya, and quietly observed her as she sat ever so motionless in the straw watching over us all. With the forests filled with more creatures lurking about, we knew we’d be in for a real treat tonight!

Beginning our short trek to board our wagon, we were welcomed to the World’s Fair, as many actors and actresses donning masquerade masks wandered about. While some twitched, some gently removed their masks to reveal injuries, burns, and scares they hid beneath.

When the journey began, our wagon took us through small scenes broken up throughout our ride. Each section was accompanied with a custom soundtrack to set the mood. Traveling from scene to scene, a wide array of actors, big and small, young and old, attacked with the utmost precision and dedication. What makes these actors even more intimidating? Some of them boarded the wagon to join us and others attached themselves to the side rails and hung on!

Some of our favorite scenes included the Ringmaster and her freak show of side acts, the graveyard kids, the clown tunnel with a special surprise from up above, and we all can’t forget a visit from the superstar, Jason Voorhees!

After making our way to the end of our journey, we disembarked our wagon and left to talk the final leg of the trail. This year, if patrons were looking for an additional “older” challenge, they were given the chance to purchase tickets to their new second attraction, “Curse of the Bayou.”  New for 2018, this attraction is deemed to be more of a traditional-haunting style of attraction, with actors and actresses ready to taste fresh blood.

We began down this second path towards the Bayou, and were met by the Tree King and his gang of ghillie-suited creatures. Relentless in their attacks, they gave us no time to question if we were alone. After a short time, we were introduced to the Queen of the Bayou.  After meeting her, we were given three doors to choose from on how we make our life choices, by fate, mind or heart.  Our group was split up and asked to continue alone. Which would you choose? And what’s on the other side?

The second attraction for 2018 added on that perfect one-two combination to give that additional challenge, if patrons were up for the adventure.  Guests are able to keep the element of surprise and feel secure on a hayride, but once they are out in the open and walking, everything was fair game.  The creators, developers, actor trainers, and the entire crew, helped to train their actors and actresses to perform a level more than just a traditional park district attraction. Because of them, they are a complete Halloween experience for the entire family to enjoy! Actors are aged from 6 to 80 and everyone was a part of the haunted fun!

Monsters of Note: The Ringmaster of the Freak Show, the freakshow members, the Tree King, Rougarou, and the Queen of the Bayou.

The Bottom Line: For those families that are looking to spend the evening with some frightful Halloween fun for youngsters, this is the place to start them at!  With just the perfect amount of scares, this attraction is sure to spark and ignite that love for the haunted attraction industry in everyone! It is a safe place to experience all of the fun of the haunted house industry! And for those that don’t have the courage to go inside, they have plenty of fire pits, concessions, and even an escape room for additional enjoyment!

  – Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review


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