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Haunted Hills Hospital 2018

Haunted Hills Hospital 2018

Lake Station, IN
Reviewed on: Friday, October 19, 2018

Located just a few miles over the Illinois and Indiana border, father and son duo, Joel and Justin Hill and their cast of thousands have assembled one of most impressive new forces and energies in our industry. Long-time home haunters, this marks only the second year of their professional endeavors to bring their full-fledged carnival of horrors to the paying public.

With great support from the local police department, this is certainly easy to find in the middle of Lake Station. Surrounded by flashing lights and the obligatory metal music, Haunted Hills Hospital is flanked by promotional booths for local radio stations, food trucks, and various vendors.

And monsters. Plenty of monsters.


Easily one of the most exciting wait entertainment options in the game today, Haunted Hills has a host of characters that are starving and just waiting to carve into your sacrificial souls. Actors on stilts (Bunny), a fire juggler, and their iconic characters, Reaper and Jax, are just some of the circus to experience before you even walk in the front door.

Once inside, don’t expect anything to “settle down” as you are immediately thrown into the chaos. The patients have certainly broken free and are EVERYWHERE. In rooms, in walls, and even in the ceiling, this is one of the craziest atmospheres to not only let you see the insanity, but feel it!

And let’s talk design. If this was a real hospital and you were in need of medical attention, you should probably run. This is built more like a casino with an easy way in, but no way out. Each turn was intertwined with twists, tights spaces, and plenty of room for those to hide for the perfect strike.

Another favorite of ours: flashbacks and foreshadowing. Haunted Hills builds their tour to allow you to have a glimpse of the future to terrify you, and a glance back to remember the horror you just went through. (All in the midst of constant chaos in every room!)

Some of our highlights include the bungee actors, the cubicles, the plot with “Zydrate,” and certainly the escape through the ambulance.

Monsters of Note: Charlotte the Drag Queen, Dr. Cropsey, and the entire cast outside who made sure your entrance and escape were not unnoticed.

The Bottom Line: Overall, Haunted Hills Hospital is one of our fastest growing attractions, and will be a fixture on our Top 13 list for many years to come. If the Indiana address throws you off, don’t let it. Get in the car, and come now to experience one of the craziest attractions we have experienced this year!

~ Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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