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Haunted Hills Hospital

Haunted Hills Hospital 2017

Haunted Hills Hospital

Lake Station, IN
Reviewed on:  Saturday, October 28, 2017

New to Haunted House Chicago for 2017, we were summoned to experience a new decent into fear. Northwest Indiana has been home to several long-running haunted attractions, so getting to see a “new face” was not something we usually have the honor of experiencing. Housed inside a building that used to be for a non-profit group, the team behind Haunted Hills Hospital has been at this quite a while, and only recently secured their new permanent location. With roots as home haunters, and a passion and love for their community, Lake Station has welcomed their new “dead end destination” with rotting arms.

As we pulled up to the attraction, we could easily observe that this was indeed the place to be. Lining the parking lot sat a group of food trucks, leading up to the ticket window. With the hum of metal music, our eyes quickly adjusted to the line of patrons just waiting to enter their doom. Surrounding and scattered throughout the crowd, Haunted Hills actors left no place to hide.

As we made our way into the hospital, we were greeted by a staff of some less than-welcoming doctors and nurses. Something definitely has gone wrong, and it is clear these sinister patients have taken over. Unfortunately, there is no time to regret our decision, as we are thrown into their world of chaos.

As we weave in and out of patient rooms and examination areas, all hell is breaking loose. Each patient seems to have a different motive… some to kill, some to play, some to escape, and some are just free in their world. And lucky for us, we are smack-dab in the middle of the madness.

Some of the characters that grabbed our attention were: Dr. Cropsey, the actor that “lost his dog,” and pretty much everyone in Ward H. But, the one that we see when we close our eyes is definitely the drag queen from the Boom Boom Room. Brilliance in acting! (Or is it insanity in reality?)

Haunted Hills Hospital took our team’s breath away, leaving us gasping for air as we finally made it out of this intense, diabolical labyrinth of a ride. Although it was one of the last haunted attractions we had the honor of reviewing for 2017, Haunted Hills Hospital did things which kept us begging for more! This is truly a must see, and will be making its new home on our Top 13 list for this and many years to come!

***Editor’s Note: Haunted Hills Hospital debuted at #6 on the 2017 Official Haunted House Chicago Top 13 list. While this attraction was reviewed close to the very end of the 2017 season, this review did not post to the website until after the season was long completed. We apologize for the delay, and promise to have the upcoming season review among the very first completed in October 2018.


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