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Hair Razor Haunted House 2018

Hair Razor Haunted House 2018

Chicago, IL
Reviewed on: Friday, October 26, 2018

For some, a haunted attraction being sponsored by the Catholic Church could raise an eyebrow and some questions. But here, the only thing “raized” (sp) is the hair on the back of your neck in Hair Razor Haunted House, sponsored by St. Thecla’s in Chicago. Supported by the entire community, it’s not only a great way to introduce kids to the world of haunted houses, but also raise funds for a great cause!

As we entered the basement, we met Ranger Rick, who informed us of the rules when suddenly was paged to an accident investigation and told us we would need to enter the attraction at our own risk.  As we proceeded with caution into the first room, our mouths hit the floor at not only the size of the first room, but the amount of actors and scene work within.  We got to experience that accident first hand along with Ranger Rick, and let’s just say that it is a sad situation. (Queue the Billy Idol, “White Wedding!”)

Weaving through scene after scene, we made our way through many scenes including the clown room, the living room scene complete with a moving wall, and last but not least, one of the most beautiful cemetery scenes we’ve ever experienced!  The amount of lighting and perfect fog placements made you feel as if you were outside in the creepy cemetery!

One of our favorite scenes was checking into the hotel.  As our bellhop escorted us past multiple numbered doors, we were given hints about the residents within, what plumbing was functioning, and other important tidbits about the hotel.  As we approached our room, we checked into room #13, and boy were we in for a real surprise once we got inside!

Some of other favorites include the Black and White Hallway, the Gorilla Attack Zone, and the Butcher Shop. (With secret exit!)

Hair Razor Haunted House may not be in your face intensity, and that’s ok.  This is a wonderful attraction that the whole family can enjoy, and a great first step for young kids to begin their love of Halloween.  Add in the bonus of giving back to the community and you have the perfect package.

Monsters of Note: Ranger Rick

The Bottom Line: With clever ideas in rooms and hungry actors ready for fresh new victims, this attraction does a great job of the area they have to work with in their building and room design.  If you are looking for a fun and spooky place to take your family to enjoy some Halloween fun, then look no further than Hair Razor Haunted House!

– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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