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Evil Intentions Haunted House 2018

Evil Intentions Haunted House 2018

Elgin, Illinois
Reviewed on: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Haunted House Chicago’s top attraction for 2017, Evil Intentions Haunted House is located in the industrial section of Elgin, Illinois. In an old, decrepit, decaying building that once housed a real casket factory, the current home of Evil Intentions also has some nefarious roots that have resulted in mysterious disturbances and unexplained phenomenon. For those that are curious, one can certainly take adventure into the unknown on one of their ghost tours. But, for now, we decided to focus on the “fake” side of the hauntings.

One of the intangibles that can’t be replicated well is the feeling that a building from the 1800’s can provide. One can only pump-in enough scents and smells, but the feeling and emotion that a true musty smell can invoke is unmistakable. There are few places on our travels that we get to experience this, and Evil Intentions is one.

Before even entering into the abandoned factory, we approached the building to find a horde of patrons waiting in long lines that wrapped around the building and down the block. With a food truck to help keep the energy of the living up, creatures from the underworld scoured the audience, planting seeds of fear and despair. Some even made sure to jump in the cars of people passing by, like “Linus” who we observed jumping into random cars, only to be abandoned blocks away.

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” As we entered into a dimly-lit waiting area, we were surrounded by chain link fence, a coffin in the middle, and various creatures that were like nothing any attraction has produced. Becoming iconic from their years of crawling on the walls at Evil Intentions, patrons were tortured and mesmerized by “Horsey” and “François,” who climbed the walls and ceiling without the slightest sign of struggle or effort.

Finally entering, we were immediately immersed into the world of the occult and a worshiping ceremony. Dark and ominous, demons began crawling from inside the walls! With our heads spinning, we quickly ran to the next room and were escorted into the hellevator for a ride downstairs. After one of the most “active” rides we have ever experienced, we had no idea what was ahead.

As we traversed through dimly lit hallways made of concrete and floors scattered with debris, the setting almost made us feel like everything here was completely natural. We will sometimes refer to great scene-work as a “scene out of a horror movie.” Well, friends, this is an entire tour out of a horror movie. There’s no clown room, there’s no vortex. This is dirty, dusty, eerie, and creepy. There’s no way you aren’t going to be scared here!

Actors are perfect in and out of the darkness, and know their surroundings better than almost anyone. Like lambs being brought to the slaughter, we were certainly the main course that this cast had been waiting for. Through scene after scene, the feeling of hopelessness increased like our heartrates!

One of our favorites that was flawlessly executed was the coffin maze with patrons having to find their way out of a long coffin-shaped path. But, at the end of that path led to quite the amazing ending with guests fully immersed into the chaos!

Another was our “fitting” with one of the resident creeps, Dookey Dan! Now, for those that are sensitive to smell, bury your face in your loved one’s arm or wear extra perfume, because Dookey Dan is one stinky guy!  Waiting ever so patiently for our group, he asked us if we wanted to have a snack, which we politely declined.  In fact, if you’re feeling extra spontaneous, ask him to do a magic trick for you, we guarantee he won’t disappoint!

Other highlights include the chainsaw hallway, the doctor’s lab, the courtyard (an outdoor break in the middle of this nightmare), the “nun’s” room, and certainly the “worshiper” room. Hang on a second – without ruining anything, let’s go into more detail and expand. Imagine a very dimly-lit, slow-strobed room filled with seemingly hundreds of hooded/cloaked figures. As the light plays with our senses, something moves out of the corner of your eye. Get the idea? Simply one of the creepiest scenes we have ever experienced!

Monsters of Note: The doctor, Dookey Dan, Horsey, and François.

The Bottom Line: After last year’s performance that earned them our top spot, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Even if they changed nothing, they would still have a great chance of being a very high-ranked attraction that gives a top-notch performance in a very creepy location. But, after completing our 2018 tour here, our team was amazed and blown out of the water! What an amazing show, and one that is a must-see for anyone that loves to feel fear!

~ Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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