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DEAD Rising Haunted House 2018

DEAD Rising Haunted House 2018

Crestwood, IL
Reviewed on: October 7, 2018

A legend of our industry, John Vitiritti, once again brings his demented visions to Crestwood in his artistic exposition called, “DEAD Rising Haunted House.” John is an artist and Dream Reapers vet who has been working within the industry for over 30 years! We at Haunted House Chicago are big fans of the work John does, we were excited to find out we would be reviewing his attraction on his birthday!

Armed with homemade-baked goods and a candle, you can imagine we couldn’t miss an opportunity to sing for John in front of all his carnival of creatures. (There is some Facebook Live footage to prove it!)

Back to the action, “Interactive” is a big way to describe this haunt. Both inside and outside, guests are not only encouraged but expected to play and participate in the games! Even before entering, you are immediately thrown into the carnival which wouldn’t be complete without tricks! “Skittles” secured in his straight jacket, entertains all with sideshow acts meant to boggle your brain! Surrounded by a cast of clowns with unlimited energy, John is truly the ringmaster who desperately tries to control the very uncontrollable!

Fun fact that warms our heart: This is a family affair! There are many of John’s family members working both inside and outside the attraction which account for (4) generations of Vitiritti! (We are fairly confident this may be the only attraction in the Midwest that can boast this!)

While the skies certainly didn’t stay dry this evening, no drops could stop a line of people from eagerly awaiting entrance to John’s vision of horror. Though appropriate for kids and families, this is not a children’s haunted house. It is a good, old-fashioned-style haunted attraction that will cater to each participants fear-level. Actors are interactive and attentive to each person’s reactions; there is not just a set routine.

While the outside of Dead Rising is a TON of fun, once you finally enter the tour, you are immediately thrown into the Hellevator. Your only option is down, so hold onto your socks as you are headed to hell! Once you finally arrive, you enter the church where you need to repent your sins and consent to their rules. The sense of discomfort begins immediately as we were forced to enter backwards into the house!

Our adventure continued through the living room, and bathroom, and finally into the kitchen. (Our advice, don’t be rude: knock first.) Once there, you are met by the chef who wants to “meat” your every need with her sticky and apparently delicious batch of human legs and thighs! Just as everything was going according to plan, we found ourselves trapped and trying to find our way out. Figuring out the solution only spits you out into the grandest room of the tour: the carnival of clowns. Here, this goofy cast makes you play a game of ‘Simon Says!’ But, be careful not to lose, or there are consequences to pay. IF you win the game, you win a prize… and get to escape with your life! IF you are lucky enough to escape, make sure you run as fast as you can, because you know what is waiting outside!

Monsters of Note: Nyx, Skittles, Sinister, and Havok

Bottom Line: Be prepared to play when you enter this good, old fashioned, no-frills haunted house. Although this is not a children’s attraction, this is very appropriate for the entire family and will cater to your fears. John and his team enjoy helping all ages to love and appreciate the true spirit of the season!

~Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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