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Abandoned Haunted House Complex 2018

Abandoned Haunted House Complex 2018

Mt. Pleasant, WI
Reviewed on: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Opening in 2012, Abandoned Haunted House Complex has been gracing the residents of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, with many shrieks, screams, and the harmonious sound of chainsaws in the air every fall season. The minds behind this attraction work tirelessly in the offseason to design and build their collection on nightmare-inducing scenes and scares. Once again, they showed that 2018 would be no different and that they were quite busy!

Now, for those that are worried this is “too far” from Chicago, it is actually just over the border and worth every penny for the gas. Combo it with a near-perfect brat at the Brat Stop, an adult beverage like a Spotted Cow, and maybe even a hunk of cheddar from the Mars Cheese Castle.  The point being, this is definitely not a one-and-done attraction. This is a destination!

We began our night within their two larger attractions, “Hysteria” & “Ambush”. These two attractions are not only built with beauty inside their walls, but it’s a complete overhaul of your senses.  The sets are designed like right out of a movie with detail overflowing. But, they accent their tour with booming depths of the custom-made soundtrack, pin-point lighting, the perfect degree of fog, and we found ourselves lost in seconds! This is certainly like no other attraction you have been to before.

But, let’s not forget the most important part of the scare: the actors! Scattered throughout this terrifying labyrinth of bad dreams are a host of actors hiding in corners, behind walls, and even above you! Armed with patience and skill, they lurk just outside of the corner of your eye awaiting the opportune moment to strike. Everyone in our group certainly received their fair-share of horror!

Some of the most memorable scenes that took our breath way included the hospital scenes, prison cell blocks, and the church.  One other area that completely threw us for a loop was the all new redesigned clown area!  Bigger, badder, and more clowns than one could imagine, this new addition was the perfect icing on the cake! (Or whoopee in our cushion!)

Our next stop for the evening was the attraction that opened back in 2016, “Stalkers.” Here, guests take a walk out under the stars through the corn field, with many scenes breaking up the path along the way.  Now, being in the Chicagoland area, there are very few attractions that have a corn maze, but moving north and more rural, it’s a staple, and “Stalkers” has definitely set the bar! With many different scenes ranging from a collection of coffins (and even getting to pick out our own one), to the chicken coop – complete with feathers everywhere, detail is abundant. This attraction leaves your eyes to wander, and your skin to crawl, with just enough time to throw you back out into the corn for more attacks.

A special mention for the actors in the corn: BRAVO! Its cold, its windy, and most of the times wet and rainy. But, they were playful, witty and relentless!  Not only were they perfectly spaced out, but some even were able to run back and forth with little struggle to have multiple attacks on our group! Every single actor we encountered had witty banter back and forth, and some didn’t want our group to leave!  Another special mention to the skills of these actors for their approaches. It is often times easier to hear an actor rustling through the corn, or footsteps running on the ground. Abandoned’s crew made sure to attack quickly and quietly, helping to add another level of scares, and keep the hairs on the back of your neck from ever settling down.

Monsters of Note: Jebediah and his beautiful wife, Jessica!

The Bottom Line:  Once again, the amazing crew at Abandoned works hard in the off-season to make sure its patrons have that “wow factor” each time they come back. They leave no corner empty, and make sure that there’s the perfect scare for everyone. With a complete setting right out of a movie (or nightmare), prepare for an entire evening of entertainment and experience this attraction for yourselves!

– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review


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