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The Dark Art of Chad Savage
The Dark Art of Chad Savage

Abandoned Haunted House Complex

Abandoned Haunted House Complex 2017

Abandoned Haunted House Complex

Mt. Pleasant, WI
Reviewed on: Friday, October 20, 2017

Abandoned Haunted House Complex is located just over the Illinois-Wisconsin border in the town of Mount Pleasant, WI. Opened back in 2012, in just their 5th operating season, the minds behind this attraction have definitely proven that they won’t be going anywhere for a while, as they keep getting bigger and better each season! For those thinking that this attraction is hard to find, you can spot them from the highway, in addition, the giant spotlight resonating from the top of the building can also be seen for miles!

This year, we started out the night in their newest attraction, which opened in 2016, “Stalkers”.  Set up as a corn maze with scenes breaking up the path, we were ready to see the changes they made in the off-season.  As we weaved through the corn, our mouths literally hit the ground as we expected a few changes, but Abandoned threw us for a loop when MANY changes happened in the corn!  With scenes ranging from a collection of coffins, to the chicken coop – complete with feathers everywhere!  The amount of detail put into these was remarkable, and this was just the first attraction!

The actors nestled within the corn were some of the best actors we’ve ever experienced inside a corn maze.  They not only were spread throughout everywhere, running in-between scenes, but they would still be going after our group even when we were far from them!  One of our favorites was “Bones”, who gives you a little shake, rattle and… well he does a lot of rolling/running.  With witty banter back and forth with our groups, this actor definitely made the time in the corn a memorable one!

As we continued on our journey to the next attractions, “Hysteria” & “Ambush”, being their two original houses, the creators of Abandoned have had time to perfect each of these attractions and tweak them every year in just a small way to make it even more exciting, and this year was no exception!

The amount of detail put into these attractions is beyond words.  From the perfectly placed lighting, to the right measurement of fog, add in the perfect pathway and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for these attractions.

Overhauling your senses completely, Ambush and Hysteria take you into a whole different world.  From the sounds, to the lights, to even the different “levels” you travel through, there is not one moment where these attractions give you a moment to breathe.  Add in the perfect amount of actors attacking from all angles and you and your group are never safe.

Some highlights throughout these attractions include that of: the ambulance and hospital scenes, the Egyptian tombs, the clown area and even the not-so-enjoyable hanging taxidermy area (be careful in there, there’s a reason why those pelts are hung out to dry!).

The most memorable scene though for us this year was the new entrance to these attractions.  Standing in your typical tool shed, the actor in there informs you of the happenings that have been occurring and how nothing is what it seems.  Before we know it, items start moving and a green light shines bright, as we step through the wormhole into the unknown.  We commend the creators behind this attraction on a wonderful new entrance and a job well done!

The Bottom Line:  Every year, Abandoned creates a new adventure for its patrons and this year was no different!  For those that haven’t, you need to experience this attraction for yourselves and see why it’s one you don’t want to miss out on, not only this season, but every Halloween season!

– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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