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Dark Chicago

Reaper's Realm

Reaper’s Realm

Hammond, IN
Reviewed on: Sunday, October 16, 2016

Set just minutes away from the Illinois-Indiana border is Reapers Realm Haunted Attraction.  For those that drive on the expressway every day, it can be easily seen as it has a year-round location.

Reapers Realm has become a classic attraction that we get to visit every season.  Having one of the most notorious radio ads talking about its “three floors of terror”, we always look forward to our visit.

This year in the off-season, the minds behind Reapers were busy putting together new rooms inside their main house.  Including that of the grocery store complete with shopping carts, a re-designed clown area that had some VERY crazy clowns running those rooms. (Watch out for those floors too – they can be killer!)

Also within the mansion, we took a trip down memory lane to some of our favorite classic scenes including the Egyptian room and tesla coil area, to the giant slide and even down to their “shocking” walls in some areas! No matter where you are, Reapers Realm keeps its guest screaming for more and running from room to room.

Newly re-designed for 2016 was their 2nd attraction, “Zombie Revolt”.  You are handed a flashlight and you must make your way through the darkness. As we made our way through, we definitely were in for a real treat at some of the detail that was put into some of these rooms! Including that of a sewer tunnel, which we definitely weren’t expecting!

The actors within stayed true to their zombie theme and were very hungry for fresh meat.  Their attacks were spot on and from the moment they saw our light enter the room, till we were onto the next, they never stopped! It was a very well done concept and we can’t wait to see what else they add to it for next year!

The last attraction we entered was “Reapers Woods”.  The opening scene was as if you entered Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses”.  Here, you take a walk through the murder ride.  As you exited the murder ride, you met Baby Firefly, and rabbit, who kept running for her life! Run Rabbit Run! It was definitely well done and as Halloween enthusiasts, we definitely enjoyed the homage to Mr. Zombie himself.

As we made our way through the rest of the woods, we passed over bridges, took a walk through the playground, and even found our way through someone’s camper!  The actors that were here, gave us everything they had.

One big change this year was the removal of their corn maze, but with a new spin on it!  Of course we had some wonderful monsters lurking in the wrong turns, be careful, we warned you!

When at Reapers Realm, guests get an added bonus while there.  Not only do they get 3 wonderful haunted attractions, but they also have a full carnival that they host on the property.  So once you’re done getting the life scared out of you, head over to ride some rides and maybe eat a delicious funnel cake or two (we HIGHLY recommend the S’mores one!)

The Bottom Line:  Entertaining audiences for over 25 years, Reapers Realm is a one-stop attraction and is a MUST for Halloween fun and frights, this and every season!

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