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Midnight Terror Haunted House

Midnight Terror Haunted House

Oak Lawn, IL
Reviewed on: Thursday, October 6, 2016

Every off-season, haunted attractions across the country are coming up with new ideas and concepts for the upcoming October.  In just its third year of operation, the creator behind Midnight Terror not only decided to come up with a new theme for one of the attractions, but decided to relocate to an even bigger location! Talk about goals in the off-season!

This year, patrons are able to park at a parking garage nearby and are shuttled to and from the attraction.  Labeled as being interactive, we know that you are in for a real treat when you’re on the ride over. From the moment you leave your car, you are brought into a different dimension.  Within the waiting line is a DJ and many line actors roaming about.  Here, we encountered a few that were rather ruthless in their attacks, and some that had pretty great dance moves.

The first attraction we entered was the “Factory of Malum.”  Based on the story of “Malum”, who is a demon who has found his way from the underworld to wreak havoc within the factory and those that work there. The sets and room detail throughout this attraction were spot on.  It made you feel as if you truly were weaving in and out through the different rooms of the factory and encountering all the horror that Malum was causing to the workers.

The second attraction, “Black Oak Grove: The Mark of Willow”.  This attraction is based on the story of a girl named Willow, who has come to live in a town that becomes taken over by the FearCorps.  The town becomes a battleground between good and evil, and only the lucky survive and make it out.

One of our favorite actors that we encountered this evening was Sergeant Milkshake.  Be ready to listen to what they have to say, otherwise, you may become a part of their military regime forever!

Another effect that Midnight Terror did very well with this year was their use of foreshadowing.  We came across a street/alley scene that as you looked passed it, you were able to see all of the terror and actors waiting to attack.  Weaving in and out, each step of the way further into the street alley, with actors attacking from all angles. It was very well done and the actors that worked that area were spot on and hungry for more blood!

A very nice effect that they also did was their use of fog.  Looking into the sewers, you were able to see the steam rising from them, it made us feel like we really were walking down the streets!

Ending the night, we once again had an encounter with the “Chainsaw Gang”, whom we were introduced to last year.  Still fierce as ever, they were relentless and trapped our group in the maze for a while, all while revving and squealing their chainsaws at us.  Even after they released us, they still lingered in the background, with their witty comments and relentless attacks.  Another job very well done by these actors!

The Bottom Line: For its third year, Midnight Terror definitely has a lot more room to grow within in its new home and so much room for expansion of its two attractions. We expect them to come crashing in with some huge new ideas and concepts for 2017!

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