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Dark Chicago

Massacre Haunted House

Massacre Haunted House

Montgomery, IL
Reviewed on: Sunday, October 9, 2016

Celebrating its 3rd year of fear in its newer home of Montgomery, Illinois is The Massacre Haunted House. Even though they’ve only taken up residence here a short time, the minds behind this attraction are veterans of the industry and have definitely grown this attraction into something huge over the years!

As we approached their building, which is located in an old warehouse-style store front building, numerous characters were outside torturing and teasing patrons, preparing them for what was inside. Inside, guests were offered the chance to take photos and watch a horror movie as they await their certain dooms. A nice new addition this year was to their VIP waiting line area.  You had to walk through a small scene where actors lurked in the corners waiting for fresh meat.

Something that Massacre is very good at is their attention to detail.  Some of their scenes including that of the hospital scenes and house/mansion are just beyond beautiful.  It’s as if these sets are straight out of a movie!

As we made our way throughout the rest of the attraction, we encountered some crazy clowns along the way, took a trip through the jungle which was complete with a dinosaur! One of the most memorable rooms this year though, was that of the room covered in biblical pages.  In there, the actor running that room not only stopped our group with some intense incantations, but even ripped a page out of the book he was holding and made one of our reviewers eat it! Talk about unexpected!

From the moment you enter the room, you never quite know when or where the attack is going to come from.  That is definitely one thing that Massacre does well is training their actors and actresses to wait silently and patiently, just waiting for their next victim to get into place.

After we made our way through the main attraction, we entered the 3D portion: Freakshow 3D, which is all new for 2016. Set up with beautiful artistic 3D design work set everywhere you look (and yes, we mean 360-degrees worth), this second attraction is definitely a great combination to pair with their big house!

The Bottom Line: If you haven’t gotten the chance to make it out to The Massacre yet, make sure you do! They are always growing and changing.  Even in the off-season, they have a lot going on to keep that horror-fan obliged until the next Halloween season!

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