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House of Torment Chicago

House of Torment Chicago

Morton Grove, IL
Reviewed on: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

In just its second year entertaining patrons in Chicago, is the nationally recognized, House of Torment in Morton Grove, IL.  Brought to you by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, who also has its sister attraction, 13th Floor in Melrose Park.   The “tormented” minds behind this attraction were ready to show what they could bring to the table and how much work they did in the off-season.

As we patiently waited to enter the attraction, it gave you the feeling of waiting on a CTA stop in downtown Chicago.  Complete with getting the opportunity to have your picture taken, to capture the moments of fear within your group.

The first attraction this year was named “The Frenzy”.  Based off of the city of Chicago being on lockdown, subway tunnels have become your only method of passage.  Hidden within these tunnels are criminals, delinquents and villains ready to draw you into their world and make you one of them.

Making our way through some intricately designed sets, we weaved in and out of the darkness.  Actors lurked in the shadows and attacked from all angles, while shadows played with our mind.

Some of our favorite scenes were that of the medical clinic, a trip to the L-train, the attic and even the kitchen, where we asked to have some meatloaf!  With some great misdirected turns, we definitely got a few good scares from the actors lurking deep within.

As we made our way to the 2nd attraction, “Nightmare High”, which is based off of a horde of undead teenagers running the school and overtaking it.  Filled with many zombie cheerleaders and students the only way to survive is to stay calm, act like the dead and you may escape unnoticed!

This second attraction definitely is up to par with the first one and makes it known that they aren’t just a small act.   The actor attacks are relentless and the detail in this attraction is spot-on, and made us feel like we truly were roaming the halls of this school.

Some of the rooms that definitely stood out were that of the photography room, the theatre, library, and the courtyard.  All manned by great actors and detail, they were some wonderful changes to help make this attraction even better!

The Bottom Line:  In just its second year, House of Torment has definitely made its presence known.  If you haven’t added them to your must-see list, you definitely should!

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