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Heaps Haunted Corn Maze

Heaps Haunted Corn Maze

Minooka, IL
Reviewed on: Friday, October 14, 2016

Corn mazes are very hard to come by in the Chicago-land area.  If you are looking to experience one, most would either have to head to southern Illinois or just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border.  But hidden away in the small southwestern suburb of Minooka, Illinois, which is only an hour from Chicago and 20 minutes from Joliet, sits Heap’s Haunted Corn Maze. So, we are excited that there is one right in our own backyard!

As you make your way to the attraction, the area around you becomes more rural (as one would expect when heading to a corn maze!) But, what we found to be the most interesting was how eerily quiet and desolate it was as we approached the entrance. Of course, we have come to expect this from most corn-themed attractions. But, with only being minutes from more “suburban” areas, we found this to be a real treasure and added to the ambiance.

Set over nearly 5 acres of corn, this maze is hand-cut by the owner himself and all done without a set path in mind!  This year, the corn was probably the highest we have ever seen it!  Towering between 10-12 feet tall, it completely swallowed us whole and it made us feel like we were never getting out!

Obviously when working with a corn maze, many factors come into play, specifically: weather.  The night that we were there, the moon was at the perfect peak in the sky and the dim light from it shone through the corn, messing with our eyes.  Every corner we turned and every rustling of corn we heard, our imaginations ran away with us, making us question whether there was someone there, or just the wind.

The tour was broken up by little houses filled with traditional haunted house scenes. One of our favorites was the clown area this year!   The actors portraying these clowns were full of non-stop energy, complete with doing cartwheels and somersaults right before our eyes.  Filled with very witty comments and great comebacks to our comments, it made for a great time!

As we traversed through a number of more trails and scenes, we found ourselves finally to the end. Although Heap’s isn’t a “maze”, it certainly twists your imagination all over the place. The tour was creepy, and something that no one else in the Chicago-land market is offering!

The Bottom Line:  If you are interested in what may be hiding in the corn, come see for yourself at Heap’s Haunted Corn Maze. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

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