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Happ's Haunted Homestead

Happ’s Haunted Homestead

Happ’s Haunted Homestead
Trevor, WI

Reviewed on: Saturday, October 29, 2016

Just on the other side of the Illinois-Wisconsin border is Happ’s Haunted Homestead.  Located at Happ’s Pumpkin patch in Trevor, Wisconsin, set on the property along with the haunted house, there is also a haunted train ride.  This year, under new management and a new name, Happ’s makes you feel as if you are entering another realm as you get near the attraction.

As you make your way through the farm area, you take a walk through a long trail lined with huge pine trees lurking above you.  Dimly lit with shadows playing tricks on your eyes, you never know if there is something or someone lurking in the dark watching your every move. As we reached the clearing of the trees, we came upon an area filled with a collection of gadgets and gizmos such as an old guillotine!

As we waited in line, we had the absolute pleasure of spending time with Bunny FuFu.  This actress was very playful, wearing a simple bunny costume, and never breaking character.  In fact, she became very good friends with one of our team members, that as she crouched on the ground in front of us, she decided to pick rocks from the ground and stack them on his shoe.  Were we in for a huge surprise that as we had to move in line towards the door, the rocks fell of the shoe and the blood curdling scream that came from Bunny FuFu could probably be heard back at the main road!  We were definitely blown away by this actress and the lung power behind her!

As we entered the attraction, we began our journey in the library.  Here, we encountered another actor who had some very funny interactions between him and his dear mother.  (And easily one of the best actors we have encountered in a while!) Even better, you’ll be in for a real treat when you see how you enter the rest of the house!

Weaving in and out through the rooms, some of the other actors we enjoyed was that of the wife cooking dinner and her husband, bantering back and forth between the rooms as we made our way through.  Also, some other key rooms that we enjoyed was that of the hanging girl and her dresses.

As we made our way to the end of the attraction, we applaud the great turn-around that they had.  With a clever way of executing this, we applaud the actors on a job very well-done!

The Bottom Line: For their first year, Happ’s Haunted Homestead definitely has great ideas for growing!  We expect HUGE things from them in the very near future. But, right now, consider making a stop at Happ’s Haunted Homestead for a frightfully good time!

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