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Frightmare Haunted House at Haunted Trails

Frightmare Haunted House at Haunted Trails

Burbank, IL
Reviewed on: Thursday, October 20, 2016

For many years, patrons have been able to enjoy haunted entertainment year-round at Haunted Trails’ Amusement Park in Burbank, IL.  This location brings family fun and spooky entertainment and will give your family an entire evening of excitement.

Here, guests can play mini-golf on their spooked-out 18-hole course, ride a few go-karts, and play a few games in their large game room.  As long as they save room for dessert – the October-only haunted house, “Frightmare”.  This haunted house is designed for the whole family, so you can expect a ton of classic scares, but without a lot of blood and gore.

This year’s theme, “Harvester Hollow” took us deep within the woods.  Winding hallways throughout led us through many scenes filled with creatures and hillbillies. Filled with so much detail, we didn’t know where to look first!

Frightmare this year definitely threw us for a few loops! Not only did they change their pathway through the attraction, but they were a lot darker, aggressive and edgier!  It was definitely a great change that worked for them.  While still focusing on being for younger aged children, it put that scare factor up a little higher then years passed!

One of the rooms we enjoyed the most was that of the large campground areas.  With trees set everywhere, it was as if you were walking through Camp Crystal Lake! The actors within this area were spot on with their attacks and definitely made their presence known.

Something that makes this attraction unique is that it is actually two different levels!  The breakup of the path helps to ease your mind that you’ve made it through, only to send you right back in to the darkness.  It makes this house feel like a funhouse and adds a classic carnival feeling as well.

The Bottom Line:  Want to bring the entire family to a haunted house this season, and you aren’t quite sure where to start off at?!  Without a doubt, Frightmare is the place for that! This not only has a great adventure for everyone, but plenty of accessory activities to make an entire evening of spooky fun!

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