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The Dark Art of Chad Savage
The Dark Art of Chad Savage

Basement of the Dead & Shattered 3D Nightmare

Basement of the Dead & Shattered 3D Nightmare

Aurora, IL
Reviewed on: Sunday, October 9, 2016

Buried inside the basement of a 100-year-old building in the heart of downtown Aurora, lies one of the darkest and naturally creepiest haunted attractions in Chicagoland, if not the entire country! Basement of the Dead has been torturing its guests to a dose of the darkness since 2003, and continues to innovate and find even further ways to make your skin crawl and the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

The premise? Beside the fact that it is a 100-year-old basement that has the natural feel and odor of such a setting, the creatures and demons hiding in the darkness have become more aggressive than ever before! While we could write some incredible narrative of every spook and shadow that awaits each corner, it still wouldn’t do it justice. So, let’s just say this: If you are afraid of the dark, this place is definitely for you.

The team behind ‘Basement’ expertly crafts a trail that whisks patrons in and out of the darkness. While in darkness, you won’t know what is behind you or below you, or above you! But, in the dim light, you will see heaps of detail in scenery that belongs in any horror movie. Actors are lurking and hungry, and attacks are filled to the brim with precision.

AND this is just the first attraction. The second attraction, “Shattered 3D Nightmare,” brings us another dose of darkness, with a huge catch. Advertised as a 3D haunt, we expect the traditional side-car haunted attraction that allows for a host of clowns, fun, and games. But, here, the ‘Basement’ team builds a whole new concept. Guests are given a handheld black light as they descent into the darkness. Using this light as a false sense of security, guests seemingly control their own light and are able to flash it against any part of the walls, floor, and ceiling. As the black light traces against the walls, colors and shapes pop-out to reveal some of the most stunning 3D art we have seen!

But, this is only the setup. These dark halls are filled with the same blood-thirsty types from the first attraction, just adorned in appropriate circus-like attire. The combination is deadly, and will make anyone jump out of their comfort zone and on to the person next to them.

While the attraction may be inside the musty walls of the building, the entire experience starts and ends outside in front of the entrance. Built like a non-stop Halloween party, guests wait for their turn at the darkness while eating food from food trucks, dodging a host of scrupulous larger-than-life roamers and line entertainers, and dancing to one of the best DJs we have ever seen at a haunted attraction.

The Bottom Line: This is a one of the best all-in-one Halloween experiences! With two attractions that complement each other, a setting that can’t be replicated or reproduced, and a team of actors that won’t rest until the sun comes up, this is one of the scariest and well-executed haunted attractions in the Chicagoland area and a must-see for your Halloween adventures!

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