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Abandoned Haunted House Complex

Abandoned Haunted House Complex

Mt. Pleasant, WI
Reviewed on: Friday, October 7, 2016

Opened in 2012, Abandoned Haunted House Complex is located just over the Illinois border in the town of Mount Pleasant, WI. Don’t worry about driving right past them, the spotlight on the top of their building can be seen for miles.  In addition, you can see them right from the highway!

In their 4th year of operation, Abandoned has definitely grown over the years and for 2016, this was no different!  New for this year is a 3rd haunted attraction, “Stalker”, which is a haunted corn field.  Last year we got to hear about the concept behind it and seeing it come to life this year was definitely the icing on the cake!

We began our night in the corn field and from the very beginning, this attraction was off to a great start.  As you weave your way in and out of the corn, actors lurk in the dark and attack from all angles.  Broken up and set throughout the corn are small shacks with some great actor-driven rooms and startle-scare props.  If the moon is just right in the night sky, your eyes will definitely be playing even more tricks on you!  This is definitely a great addition to the Abandoned ticket!

Our next attractions for the evening was that of “Hysteria” & “Ambush”.  Being the two original houses, the creators of Abandoned have had time to perfect each of these attractions and tweak them every year in just a small way to make it even better!

Filled with perfectly placed lighting and fog, the environment within is just a host of all things to take you out of your comfort level.  Because of the excellent path route and environment control, many parts of the tour leave you feeling alone, even though members of your group may be only a few feet away.  The tour through these attractions throws you into a full assault of sensory overload.

From the floor to the ceiling, every inch within these attractions is covered in detail.  Even more, they have added in what we call a great workout to the tour, making patrons walk up sets of stairs and ramps. Trust us, you’ll understand what we mean once you go through!

In addition to the detail, Abandoned has one of the best soundtracks blaring through the houses.  It’s not your normal “Monster Jams” CD on repeat.  The soundtrack helps to submerse you even more into the craziness within these attractions.

Some highlights throughout these attractions include that of: the dentist room (even containing a jar full of dentures), ambulance and hospital rooms, the library scene, the clown area and we can’t forget our wonderful trip walking through the hanging animal pelt area. (We warned you!) Did we mention taking a walk through

The Bottom Line: Abandoned has grown so much in these past 4 years!  Mere words can’t quite describe the adventure, so we must insist that you experience it for yourselves. With the addition of the haunted corn field this year, Abandoned is definitely an attraction you don’t want to miss out on!

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