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Scream Acres

Scream Acres

Trevor, WI
Reviewed on: Friday, October 23, 2015

Set just on the other side of the Illinois-Wisconsin border is Scream Acres Haunted House.  Located at Happ’s Pumpkin patch in Trevor, Wisconsin, they are back for its second year of thrills and chills. Set on the property along with the haunted house, there is also a haunted train ride and hay ride. But, what really gives the spice of fright is the collection of memorabilia and leftovers from yesteryear. Arranged almost in aisles and groups, just driving in the parking lot whisks you away to another world!

Taking a page out of the Disney book, patrons walk through the farm area, through a long trail lined with huge pine trees lurking above, casting plenty of shadows below. As we reached the clearing of the woods, we feasted our eyes upon the horror that our fate awaited.

Here, you are immersed into a world of all things Halloween. Beginning with a small graveyard filled with a guillotine and other horror gadgets, actors roamed about. On this particular night, Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating too well, as it was raining, but that didn’t stop one of their actors dressed in an orange jumpsuit from making a few rather large splashes in the puddles.

As we entered the first attraction, themed with so many clowns, you don’t know where to look! Making our way through the attraction, we encountered some fun rooms including an interactive portion, where patrons can actually play a game, and maybe win a prize, or become the prize!

Another huge highlight was their “door room.” Patrons are faced with many different potential paths of escape, all while the Ringmaster and his assistant lick their chops waiting for you to make a mistake. (And the answer to the puzzle is very nicely done!)

Their second attraction, themed after a “Walking Dead” concept of zombies, you are thrown through dark hallways and a few twists and turns throughout.  One part was the great turn around that they had.  The actress was relentless, when we thought we needed to move past her to continue on our journey, she was in our faces making us realize we went the wrong way!

The Bottom Line: For their Sophomore year, Scream Acres has definitely grown in the off season. The amount of work they have put into this attraction is VERY evident. As they grow, the sky is the limit for this team! We expect HUGE things from them in the very near future. But, right now, consider making a stop at Scream Acres for a frightfully good time!

2015 Scores:

Entertainment: 16.5 out of 20
Scare Factor & Fright: 7 out of 10
Acting: 7.5 out of 10
Sets & Room Detail: 7 out of 10
Costumes: 3 out of 5
Make Up: 3 out of 5
Sound: 4 out of 5
Lights: 3 out of 5
Props & Special Effects: 7 out of 10
Originality & Story Concept: 7 out of 10
Management & Owner Presentation: 5 out of 5
Website: 3 out of 5

Total: 73 points out of 100 points possible

– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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