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The Dark Art of Chad Savage

Evil Intentions

Evil Intentions

Elgin, IL
Reviewed on: Friday, October 9, 2015

As we’ve stated before, when a haunted attraction chooses to open up shop, location is EVERYTHING! Whether it’s constructing a brand new building from the ground up, taking over an empty storefront, you may have the largest budget possible, but it’s the actual feeling of being in a truly haunted building that you can never create on your own.

Evil Intentions in one of the only attractions that we know of that didn’t have to do any of this.  They were able to take over a 100+ year-old building that sends shivers down our spine just thinking about.  In what used to be an old casket factory, where numerous incidents occurred that would creep anyone out.  We were told stories of caskets being returned back in the day that had flesh still in them, as well as numerous attempted suicides by employees, that still haunt the building to this very day.  (So now we bet this definitely got your heart beating fast just reading about that!)

Standing in line waiting to enter the attraction, even though we’ve been here in this same location for the past years, we couldn’t help but get goose bumps knowing what was ahead.  This isn’t a pretty location, it’s dark and dirty and twisted in its own way. For that alone, sets Evil Intentions apart from everyone else.

Throughout the attraction are actors that are ready to attack.  They are hungry and don’t back down for anyone, filling the dimly lit rooms with pure evil and terror. All of the renovations that they did in the off season truly shows.  From the jail cages, slow-strobing halls, creepy dark basement and even a maze made of coffins. What also sets them apart is the music they use within the attraction.  It’s not your normal Midnight Syndicate soundtrack playing on repeat, but it’s from their in-house band. Some might say that this attraction is too dark for them, but for us, the dark plays with your mind even more.  Being able to use that to your advantage is a hard thing to do, so why waste that opportunity, Evil Intentions does it perfectly.

We couldn’t have asked for a better time making our way through this attraction.  We expect nothing but bigger, better and badder in 2016. Another outstanding performance from this wonderful attraction!

The Bottom Line: If you haven’t made it out to this attraction, you are truly missing out. This is one of those attractions that needs to be on everyone’s “must-see” list.  We might as well join the spirits, because there won’t be any resting from here on out.

2015 Scores:

Entertainment: 18.5 out of 20
Scare Factor & Fright: 10 out of 10
Acting: 9 out of 10
Sets & Room Detail: 9 out of 10
Costumes: 5 out of 5
Make Up: 5 out of 5
Sound: 5 out of 5
Lights: 5 out of 5
Props & Special Effects: 8.5 out of 10
Originality & Story Concept: 10 out of 10
Management & Owner Presentation: 5 out of 5
Website: 5 out of 5

Total: 95 points out of 100 points possible

 Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review


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