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13th Floor Chicago

13th Floor Chicago 2017

13th Floor Chicago

Melrose Park, IL
Reviewed on: Thursday, October 12, 2017

In its fourth year of taking up residence in the Chicagoland area is, 13th Floor Chicago.  Located in Melrose Park, Illinois, the creative team behind this attraction definitely hasn’t held back in making their presence known over the short time they’ve been here.

As we made our way to the waiting area of the attraction, line actors roamed freely torturing other patrons, giving them a preview of the evil they were about to encounter within.  We were greeted by the gatekeeper, told the rules of the house and warned of the evil behind these gates.

So we began our journey through the newly re-themed attraction titled: “Cursed: Purgatory”.   Here, evil is brewing within the woods as witches and warlocks chant demonic spells to passersby.  The actors hit with spot-on attacks, as they searched for the perfect victim to become their next sacrifice.

As we made our way through the streets of the town, weaving in and out we were engulfed into beautiful scenery.  With the perfect amount of fog and lighting, creatures loomed in every corner.  Speaking of lighting, one of our MOST memorable scenes here was their new swamp.  Throughout this season, we have seen this effect done in other attractions, but we can honestly say that this was the BEST usage of the effect we have ever seen! Not to mention, the actors that worked this room deserve a huge round of applause for the way they moved in the scene, unknowing to the patrons to where they would attack from next.

After leaving the town, we made our way towards their second attraction, “Dead End District: Freakshow”.  Set within the walls of the Laughter House, clowns and freaks take up residence bringing your nightmares to life.  Making our way through the district, we zig-zagged our way through the streets, encountering so many freaks along the way.  All the way from the homes of the residents to the backyard alley, be careful, as you may be tempted to join the greatest nightmare on earth!

One of our favorite scenes here was the casino.  Filled with vintage slot machines, a poker table and some great actors working the scene.  It makes you feel as if you are in an abandoned casino floor!

As we walked throughout both attractions, we were mesmerized at how detailed the scenes were.  This is something that Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group does VERY well.  Not only do the sets look like they are straight out of a movie, but some of them literally reach from the floor to the ceiling and are two-stories tall!  The amount of hard work and dedication put into each attraction each year and the re-theming is not easy, but this group doesn’t let that get in their way.  Each year they set up the best of the best and bring a wonderful show to their customers.

The Bottom Line: If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery and in depth detail, make sure to check out this must-see attraction!


– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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