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Terror at the Fair

Terror at the Fair

Terror at the Fair
Kenosha, WI

Reviewed on: Saturday, October 29, 2016

Just over the border into Wisconsin, set on the grounds of the Kenosha County Fairgrounds, you will find Terror at the Fair.  Under new management for the 2016 season by skilled veterans in the industry, we knew we were in for a real treat.

As we approached the attraction, we were greeted by multiple roaming actors who were willing to have some witty banter with not only us, but the police officers on duty that evening!   Escorting some of our review team members around, they made the start to the night a memorable one.

Entering the attraction, we weaved in and out through beautifully-designed rooms.  One of the most memorable was that of the butcher shop.  Here, the actor was relentless and definitely wanted us to become his next victims, as we were told he’d get a great deal on our body parts.

Another room that blew our minds away with the actors in it was the playground area.  Here, we met 2 young girls Mona and Olivia.  Set to run shivers up your back, they definitely put you out of your comfort level.  Making our way into the next room, we were in for a real treat, when a 3rd girl, Ivy, joined the group.  Pinning our group against the wall, these girls were ready to attack and keep it going, not wanting our group to leave.  Even following us into the room after, these girls definitely showed that they would be haunting us for a while!

One of our favorite highlights was their “door room.” Here, patrons are faced with many different potential paths of escape, all while the crazy clown within is there at any moment waiting for you to make a mistake. (And the answer to the puzzle is very nicely done!)

With wonderful actors scattered throughout the attraction and great scene work, Terror at the Fair is a great adventure for anyone!  Let’s not forget the ending, get ready to run quickly!

The Bottom Line:  With the new creative team behind this attraction, we expect great things in the future!  And with a lot more room for expansion, we can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for them! This new location is a blank slate for them, so HHC will be coming early in 2017 to check out the growth!

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