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New All Access Ticket at Statesville Haunted Prison
Days of the Living Dead Cult of the Great Pumpkin

New All Access Ticket at Statesville Haunted Prison

  • Posted : October 23rd, 2014
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All Access Ticket to Statesville Haunted Prison

$100 gets you:

  • VIP admission to Statesville Haunted PrisonĀ® and City of the Dead (ONE VIP Ticket)
  • Backstage Tour
  • Statesville Haunted Prison T-SHIRT
  • Photo with your favorite Statesville character
  • Excellent Beer (must be 21 or older) thanks to Revolution Brewing

This event will take place on November 1, 2014 ONLY. Tickets and info HERE.

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We Want Your Reviews! Tell Us About Your Chicago Haunted House Experiences!

  • Posted : October 21st, 2014
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Rate and Review Chicago Haunted Houses
Whether you had a great experience, a bad one or a just-plain-weird one, our site visitors want to know what you have to say about the Chicago haunted house(s) you’ve visited. Posting your rating and review is free and easy – just log in (if you don’t have an account, you can use your Twitter, Facebook or Google ID!) and let the world know what you have to say!

Following are some tips on how to write a successful review:

  1. Please be as descriptive as possible when entering your review. Reviews that consist of little more than comments such as “great”, “horrible”, “fun”, “we go every year”, etc. don’t really give our site users any meaningful info; they’ll be looking to your reviews for information and guidance about Chicago’s haunted attractions, so when writing your review, think about what you’d want to know about the haunt you’re reviewing.
  2. Understand the difference between a review and an opinion. An opinion is how you feel about something; a review is an opinion that you can back up with examples, anecdotes and/or facts. We favor reviews over opinions while acknowledging that it can be hard to tell the difference. Loved a haunted house and want to tell the world? Great! But if all you can manage is “It was awesome – everybody should check it out!”, well, that’s not a review. That’s your opinion, and without giving your opinion any kind of context, it’s kind of useless to anybody that doesn’t know you (like the users of this website) – tell us why it was awesome. Why should everybody check it out?
  3. Be specific about what you like and don’t like. This gives our readers a frame of reference for what you think is scary, and is more likely to help somebody make an informed decision about what haunted house(s) to visit.
  4. Be careful using absolutes like “the scariest” or “the best” or “the worst”. Unless you’ve been to every haunted house in the area, you can’t know that. “The scariest I’ve been to” or “the best experience I’ve had” are more reasonable, again providing context for what you’re saying.
  5. Don’t end your review with something like “save your money and go to [insert haunt name here]” or “[insert haunt name here] was way better!”. If you want to put in a good word for a haunted house, write a positive review for it; don’t try to make your favorite haunt look better by ripping on its competition. Such comments will be stripped out of a review if possible; otherwise, the review will simply be rejected.
  6. Submitting a negative review? Consider also writing a positive one for a haunted house you liked. We get 5 negative reviews for every 1 positive, which makes it hard to provide a clear and balanced view of the haunted houses out there.
  7. Be respectful of the people you’re writing about. Many haunted attractions are created to benefit charities, while others are simply people who love Halloween and haunting, and in both cases the actors and staff may very well be unpaid volunteers who are giving up their time to entertain you. As such, reviews which insult or belittle attraction staff will be rejected. Don’t Be A Monster!
  8. Angered by a review you read? Think it’s unfair? Rather than emailing us and chewing us out over a review we didn’t write, consider writing your own review and setting the record straight!
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Halloween Happenings Around Town

  • Posted : October 11th, 2014
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Stages, Screens, and Screams

While it may be early in the season, if you have any energy left on the off days, here are some fun ways to try and enhance your Halloween season!


If you haven’t had a chance to check out “Annabelle” yet, there is still plenty of time as it hit theatres this past October 2nd. “Dracula Untold” flys onto the big stage (& IMAX) on October 9th. And rounding out the month, a movie about the timeless game, “Ouija,” starts moving on its own October 24th.


Make sure you set your DVR for some of the much-anticipated horror-themed TV shows of the seasons. Notably: American Horror Story: Freak Show, The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and newcomer, The Strain.

Make sure you bring your broomstick and catch “Evil Dead: The Musical” at the Broadway Playhouse before October 12th.

Then, there is the always popular, “Nights of the Stripping Dead” at the Admiral Theatre, hosted October 29-31.

While we are missing Gwar on the scene, there are still a few that will attempt to fill the void. Tiesto comes to the Mid on October 11th. Chromeo stops at the Riv on the 17th, and the Rave on the 18th. Quite possibly the highlight of the month, Skrillex, spins at Navy Pier on the 18th. Iggy Azalea pops in the Rave on the 19th. Machine Head returns to the Rave on the 21st, followed by Flyleaf on the 22nd. For a little lighter, check out Bastille at the Aragon on the 21st. Rounding out the month, check out ICP and Mushroom Head at the Rave on the 27th.

While everyone has to attend at least one Halloween shindig, Madison’s infamous, “Freakfest” will be hosted Saturday, November 1st. This is a must-see!


The Blackhawks play their season opener on Thursday, October 9th. The home opener will be Saturday, October 11th. Go Hawks!


Regardless of where you scream at, keep checking Haunted House Chicago all season long for everything to make your holiday season the best yet!

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Celebrate National Haunted House Day!

  • Posted : October 10th, 2014
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National Haunted House Day

The growth in popularity of Haunted Houses has inspired their producers, vendors and fans to campaign for a national holiday in recognition of the haunted attraction industry. Here’s how you can support the creation and adoption of National Haunted House Day!

  1. Sign this petition to the White House to declare National Haunted House Day.
  2. Send this letter to your Congressman or Congresswoman: Word DOCX | PDF
  3. Register your involvement in this initiative by filling out this form.

Visit for more information and ways to get involved, and HAPPY HAUNTED HOUSE DAY! Get out there and visit a haunted house near you this weekend!

For full details & information about National Haunted House Day, visit

NHHD on Facebook NHHD on TwitterNHHD on Google+
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Chicagoland Haunted Houses Still Hiring!

  • Posted : October 7th, 2014
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Want to work at a haunted house but figured it was too late to get involved? Think again! The 13th Floor Haunted House is still looking for great scare-actors (details HERE), as is Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare (details HERE)!
Now HiringDo you have news or an announcement about your Halloween or haunted attraction? Send it to!

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