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St. Viator Stairway to Insanity 2018

St. Viator Stairway to Insanity 2018

Chicago, Illinois
Reviewed on: Friday, October 26, 2018

In one of the most surprising attractions of our season, St. Viator Haunted Attraction: Stairway to Insanity really raised the bar for non-profit fundraising haunted houses! Taking up residence in the 2nd floor of the recreation center and supported by the entire school, parish, community, parents, and youth, this is one of the best haunted attractions run by a Catholic school!

Offering a vast collage of traditional haunted house scenes, this gives the opportunity for the entire family and children of all ages to enjoy some scares and get into the mood of Halloween!

From reaching the top of the stairs and meeting the ticket taker in the ticket booth, you are given the option to pay with a ticket… or your soul! Classic old-school haunted house banter: and we loved it!

Another great favorite was the back-and-forth our team exchanged with Mr. Bones shortly after meeting with the ticket taker. An animatronic skull that was operated by a human somewhere else, we had a full-fledged conversation complete with cheesy jokes and even some border-line adult jokes when the kids weren’t listening!

What’s great here is that while parents are doing the heavy lifting, none of the youth that are performing in the show are getting a free pass. Dressed from head-to-toe in costume, their vocal chords certainly got a work out! Nicely done! One word of advice: Watch out for the actor in the Pennywise costume, which might have been the best scare in the entire show. Bravo!

Monsters of Note: Pennywise, Bettlejuice, and Mr. Bones!

The Bottom Line: What a great attraction! If you live anywhere near St. Viator, make sure you get over there and experience this show. BRING THE KIDS (Or Kids: Bring your parents!) ! This is a perfect setting that is safe and fun, and celebrates everything we love about community and Halloween!

~ Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review






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