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Scream Scene

Scream Scene 2017

Scream Scene

Skokie, IL
Reviewed on: Friday, October 27, 2017

When the calendar turns to October, the grounds of the abandoned for the season Skokie Water Playground come to life as Scream Scene takes up residence within its walls.  Terrifying the patrons of Skokie, Illinois since 1997, the Skokie Park District brings their crazy chainsaw maniacs and clowns out of the darkness for the taste of fresh blood.

Set up with your traditional classic haunted house scenes, Scream Scene is not meant to be in your face with intensity, but more for families to enjoy the local community haunt.  With that being said, the creators behind this attraction are always coming up with new and clever ways to scare their patrons.

As we began our journey, we weaved our way through many different scenes filled with actors waiting patiently in the dark.  With perfect timing, they waited to attack our group until we all were in the room.  Very playful with our group and their witty comments, the actors were on top of their game that night!

Some of our favorite scenes were their red and white curtain maze, filled with many clowns hiding in its shadows!  Even a visit through their hospital scenes was very memorable, where actors were literally bouncing off the walls in the psych ward!

Something that Scream Scene does well is the use of young children in their scenes, now for some big commercial haunts, which might not work very well with their story or concept, but here, it’s to their advantage!  The young children used within the scenes here are creepy and did we mention fast?  As you made your way down a hallway, they were at the end, just staring and waiting.  The next minute you blinked and they were literally right in front of you!  A job VERY well done to these actors on making the atmosphere even more creepy!

The Bottom Line: For those looking for a great night full of screams with the family, then look no further than Scream Scene for all your Halloween frights!


– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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