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Hayride of Horror at Dellwood Park

Hayride of Horror at Dellwood Park 2017

Hayride of Horror

Lockport, IL
Reviewed on: Saturday, October 28, 2017

In just their 3rd year of operation, Hayride of Horror at Dellwood Park in Lockport, Illinois has been bringing nightmares to life to their patrons courtesy of the Lockport Park District.  Being one of the only hayrides within the Chicagoland area, it’s always exciting to see a fun, Halloween-driven family attraction come alive each October.

As we waited to board our hayride, we were told the back story of the horror within the park that we would soon see for ourselves.  With numerous actors roaming about, we were anxious to see what this year’s wagon journey had in store for us!

Making our way into the woods, this year threw us for a small loop in that where we normally boarded the wagon, we were asked to walk further into the woods.  Taking us out of our comfort level, we were encompassed by many actors milling about the area as if we were invading their home turf.  As we boarded, many actors joined us on our wagon journey into the dark sky lit skies above.

When the journey began, our wagon took us through small scenes broken up throughout our ride.  Here, actors waited ever so patiently for that perfect moment to attack.  Not only do they follow closely behind the wagon, but they crawl along the sides of it, climb onto the wagon, and some even join us on board!

Some of our favorite scenes were the freak show circus and the introduction of all the side-show acts, the cemetery filled with zombies ready to find new brains to eat.  Even one of the most iconic Halloween movie monsters, Michael Myers himself made an appearance, having the perfect stance and attitude; it was a GREAT pleasure having him board our wagon!

But the most memorable scene had to be that of the priest/ritual scene.  As the priests followed our wagon behind this, they carried a book that had a moving eyeball on it!  Glowing on and off bright to dim, and even opening and closing, it was one of the coolest props we have ever seen! We literally couldn’t take our eyes off of it!

The Bottom Line: Over the past three years, Hayride of Horror has grown. While still giving families the opportunity to enjoy a haunted attraction together, with smiles on their faces throughout, but just the right amount of scares.  For those youngsters that are starting to get that love for all things Halloween, this is the perfect attraction to start them off at!

 – Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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