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Dr. S.Cary's Haunted House 2018

Dr. S.Cary’s Haunted House 2018

Delavan, WI
Reviewed on: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Located just minutes outside of Lake Geneva, WI, Dr. Scary’s Scream Park hosts an entire evening of fun, thrills, and chills for the whole family! Using a virtual queue system, there are no physical lines for guests to stand in. Providing a number of concessions for purchase, classic horror movies playing on projectors, paintball games, and roaming monsters lurking about, Dr. Scary’s sets the scene for an entire evening of Halloween fun! There’s even a 2-minute escape room that patrons can attempt for a small fee. (And everything is indoors!)

Fun fact: This haunted attraction is based after a doctor named Steven Cary. (Hence, Dr. S. Cary.) But, as you can discover, his friends quickly starting calling him “Dr. Scary” due to his… experimentations.

Before we were able to enter, we had some time to meet Mr. Happy. Adorned in a straight-jacket, and foaming at the mouth with blood, Mr. Happy was certainly a pleasure to set the mood for what was in store.

Upon our entrance into the first attraction, “Ghoulish Realms,” we traversed through fully immersive, thick swamps and jungles filled with snacks, rats, and spiders. Many of these props were animatronics and turned up to ”11.” Ready to strike, these struck quickly, intensely, and were some of the best use of these props we have seen to date! We had to watch were we walked at all times due to various hanging items and even a few boars, crocodiles, and ground creatures! ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ is an understatement!

Exiting the Ghoulish Realms, we approached the second attraction, “Dungeons of Terror.” Themed after a hospital/laboratory, we had a chance to meet many of Dr. Scary’s patients, future subjects, and experimentations. Scenes were filled to the ceiling with blood, bones, and smells of death. Without disappointment, we were finally admitted to a consultation with the man himself, Dr. Scary. Escaping with seconds to spare, we are excited to be able to tell the tale!

Monsters of Note: Mr. Happy and Dr. Scary

The Bottom Line: Dr. Scary’s is a great attraction for fun AND fright! Proving there are MANY things that go bump in night, this is a fun expedition into the unknown! Only their 2nd year in their new home, we are excited to see how much more they grow. Make sure this is a consideration for your next haunted travels!

~ Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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