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Dr. S.Cary's Haunted House

Dr. S.Cary’s Haunted House 2017

Dr. S.Cary’s Haunted House

Delavan, WI
Reviewed on: Saturday, October 21, 2017

Back after a 2-year hiatus, Dr. S.Cary’s Haunted House has found a new home in the shadow of Lake Geneva, WI. Located behind the Lollipups Pet Resort in Delavan, WI, Dr. S.Cary’s has plenty of room to grow and expand. Encompassed inside a massive barn, Dr. S.Cary’s is split up into two different attractions.

Before we continue, the name of this attraction may be pronounced, “Doctor Scary’s” but that’s not the name. It is named after the Doctor that this attraction is based, “Dr. Steven Cary.” You can read all about his backstory, and how he came to be on their website.

First, we descended into darkness of “Dr. S.Cary’s Ghoulish Realms.” Here, we traversed through a variety of crypts and swamps. Overfilled with snakes and spiders, this is not for the faint of heart. With every twist and turn, there was a new surprise ready to whisk you out of your comfort zone. And please, don’t underestimate what we are saying here. There are truly spiders and snakes literally everywhere! Never has there been a better time to face your fears and embrace the Ophidiophobia and Arachnophobia.

If you are still breathing when you make it out of the Ghoulish Realms, enjoy the quick last moments of life before you are thrown into the Dungeons of Terror! Here you will come face-to-face with all of the doctor’s work, and his dark and demented (failed?) experiments. Even the gargoyles themselves come alive! As we adventured deeper into his halls, we found his work to become darker and darker, until finally coming face-to-face with the Doctor, himself.

And yes, you can definitely say the doctor is in… and ready for his next patient.

The Bottom Line: Welcome back, Dr. S.Cary’s! The team here really worked hard to move into their new home and get operating quickly. Armed with nearly 80 rooms, and a never-ending supply of animatronics, the future is very bright (dark) for this attraction. Today, it is a quality attraction that is worth your time and money. But, we can’t wait to see what this place has cooking next year after they have had time to perfect their recipes and add some extra “creak” to the doors.

– Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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