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Criminally Insane Haunted House 2018

Criminally Insane Haunted House 2018

Crown Point, IN
Reviewed on: Friday, October 19, 2018

On rare occurrences, we have the honor and privilege of being able to experience some amazing locations of historical significance. Our visit to Criminally Insane was certainly of those times. Housed in the old Lake County Sheriffs House and Jail, this facility was built in 1882 and served as a house and jail until 1974. It is included on the National Register of Historic Places. If this doesn’t perk your attention already, let’s give you one more amazing fact: It housed John Dillinger. Historically accurate and documented by 2009’s “Public Enemies,” this is the infamous location of John Dillinger’s break out using a carved gun. (And the movie actually filmed here!)

If the historical and movie –making magic wasn’t enough to draw you to this location, there’s also accounts of paranormal activity. So, if “fake” haunted attractions aren’t enough for you, this location hosts haunted tours all year round!

Although new to Haunted House Chicago, this is actually Criminally Insane’s 8th year in this building. Because of the rules for places of historic significance, the team here had to be creative and ensure patrons would get a great and full haunted house experience. What makes this even more exciting is that this attraction is 100% completely volunteer!

Beginning our tour, guests had to be brave and find their way up the front stairs of the old house and jail and open the door. (While there are many people outside, there was no one at the door… you have to make that choice.) We began our tour through the upstairs area filled with traditional haunting and dining scenes. Before we knew it, we were being plunged into the darkness. Down the stairs we went into the old jail cells. Filled with a cast of nefarious characters, the mixture of being in the real jail cells and the people that once inhabited this location with the current,  in-your-face cast that was real and live made for a skin-crawling experience!

Monsters of Note: Randy, Piggy, Skitzo, Sandy as our guide, and Wolfie.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this was a fantastic experience! Combining real history with energetic actors made for a marriage made in hell! This is a fun adventure and we are grateful for being able to enjoy it! Watch Public Enemies and get here to enjoy this piece of infamy frozen in time!

~ Official Haunted House Chicago Review Team Review

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