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Evil Intentions

Evil Intentions

Elgin, IL
Reviewed on: Sunday, October 9, 2016

If you could design the perfect haunted attraction location, what would you want to incorporate? Would you want the location to be old? Yes. Would you want the building to be near-decrepit? Sure. Would you want the location to be really haunted? Now that’s a nice perk.

What if you were able to put all three of these attributes, mixed with a host of dark and gritty scenes, and actors that haven’t seen the light of day? Well, then you would have the perfect storm that is Evil Intentions Haunted House.

This is by far the creepiest setting for a haunted attraction in the Chicagoland area. There’s nothing fake here. The walls, the legends, the smell, and the history all create the perfect blend of eeriness that make even veterans of the haunted attraction industry tremble a little. (And yes, I might be even referring to yours truly!)

From the minute you enter into the depths of madness, the creatures lurking around each corner are ready to help further torment your imagination that is already running wild.

Walking through this attraction, the dark is its friend.  Adding that perfect combination of lighting, it takes you into its depths and fully immerses you.  All the way from the two-story jail cages to the slow-strobing halls, and add in the creepy dark basement.  Evil Intentions brings it all.   Even creating a maze made of coffins, it gives patrons the opportunity to feel as if they may become lost to the spirits forever.

Bottom Line: This is by far the best incarnation of Evil Intentions that we have experienced yet. They continue to grow and embrace the history of the casket factory that lives within the core of the property. Combining forces with the world of the supernatural, this attraction has something that nearly no others have. This isn’t just a must-see, but a must experience during your Halloween adventures!

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