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Reapers Realm Haunted House

Home or Yard Haunts

Cryptic Manor
3401 W 40th Place
Cryptic Manor is the home to Terror.
Spirits on Sproat: The Gallery of the Dead
9028 Sproat Ave.
Oak Lawn
Thanatophobialand – Where you face your FEAR OF DEATH!
305 Macintyre
Thanatophobiland is an extensive yard haunt covering the front and back yards and the garage.
The Kill On Old Mill
115 Old Mill Grove Road
Lake Zurich
Things just haven’t been quite right here since the elderly pumpkin farmer disappeared. We reckon he shouldn’t have planted his crops so close to the old, run down cemetery. Over the past year the mayhem has spread and claimed even more victims. Will you be next………..
The Lincoln Scare Horror
4659 N Lincoln Ave. Apt. 3S
Scary Sciba and his minions are going to scare the living hell right out of you once again this Halloween season!
Townhouse of Terror
2455 W. Ohio Street #5W
Townhouse of Terror is a professional quality home haunted house featuring highly detailed sets, custom special effects, and live actors. Rated a 2016 Hall of Fame haunted house by the Horror Tourers.

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