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Midnight Terror Haunted House

Midnight Terror Haunted House
5520 West 111th Street
Oak Lawn

Midnight Terror Haunted House, is a horror driven haunted attraction on the South-side of Chicago. With a brand new location we are the biggest, scariest, and newest Haunted House in the area. Located at 5520 W 111th Street in Oak Lawn, featuring two terrifying haunted houses with over 60+ rooms and 100+ actors directly from your worst nightmares. You will experience 26,000+ square feet of realistic detailing, and mind blowing special effects that are sure to get your blood flowing. So Travel to Oak Lawn this fall to Midnight Terror if you want to truly Experience FEAR!

(708) 6393279


I honestly would not have known about this haunted house had it not been for a truck advertisement I saw passing Chicago Ridge Mall (definitely draws you in). I told my son about it, and purchased their tickets online for him and his friends.honestly was NOT expecting such a well put together haunted house in the suburbs. It was phenomenal. You can tell a lot of work went into the actors characters. We were frightened from the minute we got in line, to the chainsaw maze at the end.

Mona Alsabah | 10/25/2015

Went to the haunt when little to no one was in line, so wait time was maybe five minutes. Small group of two in front of us went, while outside actors came up to us. They has nice costumes and makeup, but were way too quite.
Haunt was pretty big but pretty bland with colors. Some rooms were well done, while others looks bare and put together last minute.
Actors did they’re job, some did better than others. Could use an acting class.
Actors kept pushing us through, and nothing makes me more upset than “get out” or “leave”. While I looked around in rooms actors tried to push us out, because of this, we kept running into the two person group in front of us.
Second haunt was really painted and constructed well. Actors has solid makeup. Again getting yelled at to “leave” and pushed on as fast as possible.
Leaving that haunt, we watched the drummer (favorite part) until made to move on.
Finally, the fence maze was unnecessary and pointless. Two chainsaws, and one didn’t start. Not a lot of room to move when you have two groups stacked on top of each other, while a chainsaw is also in the hallway. He chased a girl into me which led me hitting a wall.
Overall, this is an okay haunted house, with big potential. They need better lines and more enthusiastic ac tors. They should put more actors in the maze, and keep the chainsaw outside. It could lead to injury. Won’t recommend as of now, but will try again at the end of the month, to see if it gets better.

moose | 10/05/2015
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