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Statesville Haunted Prison & City of the Dead

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Statesville Haunted Prison & City of the Dead
17250 S. Weber Road
Crest Hill

Come, let the prisoners of STATESVILLE HAUNTED PRISON take you on a tour into the underbelly of this house of evil. You will find your way through these dark ancient walls, into thirty (30) of the prison’s maximum-security cells. In this darkness, you will encounter over 200 of the most dangerous monsters ever imprisoned. Hannibal the Cannibal, The Clown, Dr. Vierhof and his Maniacs, and our Warden, the Demon of Darkness, are all waiting around every corner for you! This October, take the ultimate trip into the mouth of madness, deep into the dungeons of STATESVILLE HAUNTED PRISON, where you will be forced to witness unspeakable horrors!After you find your way out of the mighty walls of Statesville, you must descend into the hallowed halls of City Of The Dead. The Tomb of Statesville has risen from the hell, and you must find your way above ground before you become a member in this army of the undead.



first class all the way. amazing cast and crew. great time had by all ! would go back every year. Every year they have something new. It just gets better each year. They have out done themselves this year!

cjprud | 10/30/2015

Statesville is terrifying and gruesome of course, but above all, it’s a fun experience that I know I will never forget. The actors are all so dedicated, never break character, and have their own, unique way, of getting you to scream. In a way, it’s is like the Disney World for everything Halloween, and instead of meeting Disney princesses you get to interact with convicts, which sounds funny, but it’s true! One front house clown in particular made this crackling sound in her throat right into my ear. It was so guttural and almost amphibian like, I had to cover my face with my hands, it totally freaked me out . I didn’t want to leave it was such a unique experience, there is never a ‘down beat’ throughout the entire haunt,even when you’re just walking around on the property there is some inmate out to get you. Unforgettable 5 STARS!

Amy McDunn | 10/25/2015

This year Statesville was better then ever! All of the actors are so passionate, and know what there doing. The rooms all look awesome! So much effort and time goes into this. There where also a bunch of new rooms with amazing props. I would recommend checking this out before they close for the season!

donnieremus | 10/16/2015

Obviously the BEST haunted house I’ve ever had the privilege of attending and this year was no exception! They’ve recently changed/upgraded many of the attractions inside and I couldn’t be happier. This is the house you want if you enjoy have interactions with the cast. They’re always on top of their game and so much fun to banter with! The new gem for me this year MUST be the Pagan room in the city of the dead. The production work is STELLAR and seems straight from American Horror Story; Coven. I went in and literally GASPED. I cannot express my love for Zombie Army Productions and Statesville Haunted Prison; there is no 6th star.

Megan Morgan | 10/27/2014

I just would like to say this haunted house was the most intense most crazy amazing house I have ever been to. My favorite room was the man eater room with the girls. It was sexy yet real creepy , the girls were very into it. The one girl was singing La La La La all up in our faces like with hair in her face tweaking it was so crazy she was my favorite she almost made my wife pee her pants. I give your house 5 stars . Great job!

ron.castle12 | 10/13/2014

Let me preface this by saying that my first time going here was in 2012, which was one of the highest rated years for Statesville. Did it live up to that this year? Yes it did, whether it was the new sets, amazing new animatronics, or the very skilled actors, Statesville is worth the $30 admission without a doubt.

herstatuefalls | 10/13/2014
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