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Statesville Haunted Prison and City of the Dead

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Come, let the prisoners of STATESVILLE HAUNTED PRISON takeyou on a tour into the underbelly of this house of evil. You will findyour way through these dark ancient walls, into thirty (30) of theprison's maximum-security cells. In this darkness, you will encounterover 200 of the most dangerous monsters ever imprisoned. Hannibal theCannibal, The Clown, Dr. Vierhof and his Maniacs, and our Warden, theDemon of Darkness, are all waiting around every corner for you! This October, take the ultimate trip into the mouth of madness, deep into the dungeons of STATESVILLE HAUNTED PRISON, where you will be forced to witness unspeakable horrors!After you find your way out of the mighty walls of Statesville, youmust descend into the hallowed halls of City Of The Dead. The Tomb ofStatesville has risen from the hell, and you must find your way aboveground before you become a member in this army of the undead.

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17250 S. Weber Road
Crest Hill, IL 60441

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Ticket Price: $30.00
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As an avid supporter of horror conventions and animatronic conventions,I gotta say that instead of the owner of this place pocketing all the money from ticket sales he actually puts money in this place and let me say, it's definitely worth it.allot of people think that the actors are the ones who make the house great, that's not the case with this place. You could break your neck trying to take in all the atmosphere of this place, it's unreal. The actors are very well disciplined and energetic. This is definitely worth every penny. A+

joey k

Statesville Statesville Statesville, Wow! You guys preformance was splendiferous yesterday night, as expected!!! You Gals and Grems always know how to keep the hairs on my neck standing straight for the stars...You guys were "beyond" the call. I cant thank "all of you" enough for all the hard work you put into each night for our indulgence, you guys were worth every penny. Your all truly majestic!! Don't loose yourselves and stay righteous ! Number 1 haunted house now and forever !!

 Satisfied Customer

Giena Lee

I've gone to Statesville 4 years in a row now and every year I'm extremely impressed. It's like a brand new show each time. New rooms, crazy new makeup, and AMAZING actors. You can tell they put their heart and soul into that haunt. From the moment I got there I was either laughing or crying the whole time. If you don't get scared you'll definitely be entertained. The props are fantastic and the costumes and makeup make it every room come alive. I've been to several haunted houses now and Statesville is still my favorite. Totally worth the money. If you're looking for a great time, I highly recommend it!

Alexa Sievert

i would rate it the best hunted house that ive been to in years. the actors were amazing and the setting of the hunted house was amazing. it is so wroth the money. i love it<3. i would so go again and again. and i would default go again next year. it is a Most see..

Jewels Racki

Just want to Statesville last night and I am going again this weekend!! I have say this house never fails to disappoint me. The actors in line do a great job of enteratining the crowd. The houses ar amazing and really test your fears! I absolutely LOVE the way City of the Dead was redone! Definitely worth a visit (or two!)

Kristin Basham

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