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Amhurst Asylum

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228 South 500 West
Valparaiso, IN 46385

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Amhurst Asylum.
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As we pulled up to the house and were directed in the grass field to park we all looked over and saw some of the creepiest people walking around. We see a girl leaning against a post yelling at people, a BIG guy with a chain hook and one white eye (freaky), and with no other way of putting it a creepy girl in a cage with a stuffed animal.

Wondering what the heck we got ourselves in to we tried going in. We get out of our car and that’s when the fun started…my girlfriend was just sitting there looking at the guy with the chain and long black hair hoping he wasn’t real. Then all of a sudden he moved towards her and she was off running back to the car screaming in fear where she wanted to stay. The funny part is she actually told me she peed herself running away in fear (sorry hun). Well I got her out of the car, and past the big guy and it continued all through the line, some guy with a bloody face and cane freaked me out; yet there was another guy with a hand that made us laugh.

We really couldn’t wait to get inside and away from these people. Once inside though it continued, scare after scare, but yet at times laughing at what some of these kids did in the bathroom area. All the way through we wondered where the next person was going to be and hoped we wouldn't jump.I really don't know what more scary the people in the line or the ones inside

Now I went last year and the year before and have to say WHAT A DIFFERENCE! These people really stepped up and gave it their all this year. GREAT JOB EVERYONE at Amhurst I will be back if you will have me.


I am completely pleased with how far Amhurst has come in such a short amount of time. Every year, without fail, you can clearly see the growth in the haunt itself, in the actor's and their characters, and the makeup. I'm not one to be scared easily, but on several occasions I've been scared so badly that I've ended up on the floor. The greatest thing about Amhurst that really sets it apart from any other haunt I've been to, is how much it relies on real acting. It's not a bunch of kids yelling RAH in your face. Every character has a name, a story and a reason behind every action.
It's changing so drastically, so quickly that it wouldn't be fair to anyone to miss a year.

Britnee Braindead

Went to this attraction on Friday the 26th.  Paid the extra charge not to stand in line, so did not see the movie.  The actors were very active and realistic.  All were in character the whole time.  Not super scary, but startling many times.  The many actors were constantly seeking out someone to jump in front of. Some were in their own little world, and there were many things to challenge all of your senses.  Definitely worth the admission price!

Linda Rose

It was my first ever haunted house (my mom was too religious as a kid, and I just never made the effort when I was old enough to go by myself), and it did NOT disappoint!

The experience starts before you even get IN. I came out of the porta-john and was introduced to one of the inmates!

The inside was everything I could've hoped for, and more. I'm a 30 year old man, and it was sufficiently scary, but there were also parts that made me laugh, too.

The actors never break character, never seem fake, and can ad-lib extremely well, based on guest feedback.

The whole layout felt very real, and I definitely felt like I was in an institution instead of a barn. I'm sure other houses with demons & ghosts & other supernatural monsters are scary as well, but everything about this felt like it could ACTUALLY be an asylum gone bad, like, they weren't actors in masks & makeup, these were disturbed doctors & patients - which to me, that kind of realism just helps the fright.

I seriously could NOT recommend this place more, and while it's a bit of a journey for me, I'm really considering trying to go back before they close for the year. At the very least, I'm going again in 2013.

Chris Tenime

By far the best haunted house I've ever been to, even waiting in line was fun! The different rooms are insanely detailed. Instead of relying on black painted walls and loud music, this haunted house really puts you in the scene. Can't wait to see what they do next year!


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