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ABYSS Haunted House

Abandon all hope all ye who enter ABYSS! A darkness, long forgotten, has been unleashed deep within the bowels of the earth, beneath the old Dollinger place in unsuspecting Channahon. An unspeakable portal to horror so deep and black, it is known only as! ABYSS. 4 Haunts, 3 Floors, 20,000 sq ft of Terror!!

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7502 East Hansel Road
Channahon, IL 60410

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Ticket Price: $25
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Amazing~!!!!  I took my mother in law through on halloween night, and it was freaky good~!  we got so many good scares, and the corn maze was so creepy, i'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.  Great cast, great/very scary makeup.....i highly recommend checking it out~!!

Michelle Hoar

I have been to a lot of Haunted House Attractions in the Chicago land area. I used to write reviews on them for awhile before getting a new job, whether or not they were good or bad or worth admission price. I have a few years of experience of visiting these Haunted Houses, so I'm going to be honest about what you should expect for first time visitors to The Abyss.

I know a lot of you have probably visited Statesville Haunted Prison, Amhurst Asylum, Realm of Terror, The Eleventh Hour or any of the others featured on this page. I have, too. Now, don't take this the wrong way because I am not dissing any of the above listed places to go in the Halloween spirit of the holiday. You should check them all out, but The Abyss stood out to me.

Now, I drove passed The Abyss on a Saturday night and it was crowded, so I didn't go that night and figured a Sunday night visit would have less of a line. I was there by around 9:00 pm. The Abyss is located (especially if driving there at night) down a road that seems eerie. Already, you realize that this place is practically in the middle of nowhere. Right near The Abyss is Dollinger Family Farm, I also believe it's a part of it.

It was a Sunday night, so for my experience, I went with my father because my friends were too scared, we both went up to the ticket booth and payed $50, that's $25 per person. Let me tell you, you get what you pay for almost instantly, before the horror even begins. There was a horrifying scarecrow man with claws that made me have second thoughts about going through with it, but since there was no refunds, I went for it anyway, with my father leading the way of course. In the start, there are two gate keepers that handle your tickets, they were both equally frightening and got the atmosphere perfect for an adventure through this long haunted house. My father made the mistake of saying my name, and since we were the only two venturing in at the time, the creatures and deranged lunatics took the effort to scream my name through more than half of the experience, and the ones who got close to me kept saying my name which only added to the scare factor. Without spoiling too many details about what happens, it's worth every room you walk in to, it's worth paying $25 per person, and worth experiencing if you love going through terrifying attractions such as The Abyss. I would give it ten skulls and it's my favorite, even after visiting the other ones in the area. The costume and make up is well done, and the props are perfect. The effects will scare you to death with monsters and psychopaths waiting around every corner. The Abyss is worth it, so if you're looking for a good time and a good scare, I give this place a score of 100%.  

Faye Manuell

Abyss was definitely the best haunted house we've been to. The line was very, very long, but you can buy a VIP ticket for $35 (instead of the normal priced ticket for $25) and bypass the entire line and go right in. The Abyss spanned two barns  and part of it was outside in a cornfield. The actors were terrific and the whole setup was really realistic. My friend was practically crying  by the time we got out of there and she's 30. It was definitely worth the drive. Best haunted house we've been to!!! Big shot out to Candle Girl - the girl walking around outside holding the candle and following us around...AWESOME!

Sarah Packard

40 minuted to make it thru the haunt! Awesome actors. They get you even before you walk thru the doors!

Christina Murphy

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