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Basement Of The Dead

In addition to the always top rated Basement of the Dead, check out the brand new 3D haunt - SHATTERED. Both attractions are located in a 100 year old basement that has been haunted ever since the boiler room explosion on the 1950\'s.

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42 West New York St.
Aurora, IL 60506

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Ticket Price: $18 Basement of the Dead only, $25 - Combo Package (includes entrance to Basement of the Dead and Shattered 3D), $35 VIP (front of line access)
Coupons: $5 Off - Please see our website ( for $5 off each admission on selected nights

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Basement Of The Dead.
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This is the haunted house that I look most forward to every year.  I am never disappointed.  Every aspect of the haunt is amazing.

It used to be hard to find.  Now, you can't miss it.  They have a sign pointing you in the right direction right on River and New York.

This year they were voted the number one haunted house by the Chicago Tribune.  Because of that they've really stepped up their game.  The outside actors are just short of brilliant and really add to the fun.  Where else can you go and be entertained in line.  I think they need to train the DMV.

They even have a live DJ.  And, he's awesome.  Not just some hack.  He could play in any Chicago Club and nobody would question him.

There are two haunts as of last year.  The Basement of the Dead is longer and more scary.  But, Shattered (Their 3D Haunt) blows me away.  Not only are you scared, it plays tricks on your mind.

I am actually thinking about going back again this year... Does that make me a Haunted House Geek, probably but I just can't get enough of this place.

Patrick Harrington

I am new to the haunted house game so this is a review of someone who is very limited to the whole experience.  Having said that I had a very fun time. There is plenty of parking, and even things to do afterwards if you are older. There were plenty of actors to keep you entertained during the wait in the line.  Before even getting into the haunted house my adrenaline/anxiety was pumping.  The price seems fair for the amount of entertainment you receive, on top of that you get two attractions to explore. I can think of way worse things to spend $25 on.  Once you arrive inside the house the scares and visuals are spectacular.  You really lose yourself inside this world.  You never really know who is real and what is a prop, and it really elevates the tension.  I wanted to stare at all of the impressive visuals but at the same time did not want to separate from the group.  The actors all stayed in character and it was all fun.  The basement part of the house was all out terror in what I assume is similar to "normal" haunted houses, but its the 3D one that really stands alone.  I have never heard of such a thing and boy was I blown away.  You have to try this one out too.  There are some neat things to behold at this attraction.  You will be scared (especially if you fear clowns) and you will walk around in awe at the amazing effects and props.  I cant say enough about my first "real" haunted house.  Upon this experience I do believe I will try more and see what the owners have in store for next year.  

The only real complaint I would have is that the line was long.  But I understand this is how these things work.  They seem to understand this too and provide plenty of entertainment to help with this down time. 

In short if you are looking for something to do over the weekend that isn't too expensive and will get your pulse pounding, check this place out.  

If you are 21 there is a bar above the house and a casino across the street, double bonus.  


Thomas Anderson

I went through both Basement of the Dead and Shattered. Basement of the Dead is more of the traditional haunted house, dark, scary, and very keeps you on edge. It is populated with numerous scenes that you could expect to see in a basement with great actors in all of them. I was very impressed with the overall layout and use of prop and actor placement, great haunted house. I was a little weary about the whole 3-D haunted house, because I went in one before I was not very fond of, however Shattered put all my uncertainties to rest. Absolutely beautiful (but still scary) artwork and scenes though the entire haunt from the ceiling to the floor. I'm not kidding even the floor!! They really went the extra step detailing the haunt and filling it with great props and clowns for actors. I was very pleased with the entire experience and I absolutely love the location of the haunt and the atmosphere from the outside.

Ty Souploach

Basement of the Dead and Shattered 3D is why I love going to haunted houses. The costumes, actors, and rooms are top notch.  From the outside entertainment with a DJ, vampires, stilt walkers and clowns to the inside of the dark gore of the Basement a long with the art work in Shattered it is the total package!

Dave Waters

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