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Statesville Haunted Prison and City of the Dead

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Come, let the prisoners of STATESVILLE HAUNTED PRISON takeyou on a tour into the underbelly of this house of evil. You will findyour way through these dark ancient walls, into thirty (30) of theprison's maximum-security cells. In this darkness, you will encounterover 200 of the most dangerous monsters ever imprisoned. Hannibal theCannibal, The Clown, Dr. Vierhof and his Maniacs, and our Warden, theDemon of Darkness, are all waiting around every corner for you! This October, take the ultimate trip into the mouth of madness, deep into the dungeons of STATESVILLE HAUNTED PRISON, where you will be forced to witness unspeakable horrors!After you find your way out of the mighty walls of Statesville, youmust descend into the hallowed halls of City Of The Dead. The Tomb ofStatesville has risen from the hell, and you must find your way aboveground before you become a member in this army of the undead.

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17250 S. Weber Road
Crest Hill, IL 60441

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Ticket Price: $30.00
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by far the best and only haunted house I visit.  They put so much thought into each of the rooms and what the customers reaction will be. You definitely get your moneys worth its not a 10 minute walk through...

sonia dewolf


the last time i went to Statesville was in 2010 and i was honestly very disappointed and upset as a customer. i thought after missing a season giving them another go would be fun.i went on there last night and i had one of my most amazing experiences in a haunted house i ever ha. is was so worth the drive from Evanston.  and for it being there encore weekend i felt as if i had the energy was still great and they weren't holding back. some haunted haunted house don't have a good balance and blend of slow creepiness and fast and crazy. Statesville did an amazing job when it came to this. they had an huge range of rooms within the 2 haunts and the details were surreal. some of the the things that stood out to me were the use of multiple stories,  line actors like fluffy and few other interesting looking characters, the huge caves in city of the dead, the live animals (which scared the hell out my date.) a love man in a diaper,  the electical room with a cyborg who as first thought was a prop. (for being kinda bulky we got around the room pretty fast) and seeing some of the actor suspended in the air. statesville was a haunt experience i have i suggest to anyone . don't miss out for next season i know ill be there. thank you statesville

lu padilla

Statesville Haunted Prison is by far THE BEST haunted attraction I have gone to all my life. Every year around Halloween time my mom and I go to 4 or 5 different haunted houses trying to find the best ones and last year I went here and fell in love. This is no ordinary haunted house, the actors get so into their characters i'm a little worried if they know they aren't actually these crazy people they've taken so much time creating! They put every bit of energy they have into performing for each and every person that walks through. Not only are the actors perfect, the haunted house itself is wonderfully constructed to make you lose direction, feel lost, and never see what is coming around the next turn! I was so very impressed with this year's haunt I am going to spend another $30 to go because it is more than worth the money. I cannot seem to get enough of the psychotic, twisted fun on the grounds and inside of Statesville haunted prison. I very highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone.
Denise Rager

Denise Rager

Year after year I find myself raving to my friends and family that statesville is the best haunted house not only in the chitown area but in general! My friends and I tend to be a little haunted house obsessed during the month of October and spend all our extra time and money traveling IN, Ill, Wi even Mi to visit as many haunts as we can. From the larger more well known haunts to the smaller neighborhood houses. Now in all honestly since I go to so many so often I tend not to scare easily and find myself being critical of the little things, but to my pleasant surprise Statesville always seems to catch me off guard! Most people don't want to wait in line but for me the anticipation is half the fun. The Statesville line isn't half bad yes its a little cold and a little wet but that's what drums up that great october scent into the air and gets ur senses flowing. The line staff does a good job poking its head in and out of the crowd as "guards" troll the grounds to scoop up "prisoners" adding to the prison illusion. Honestly aside from being a stones throw from the actual prison what I like best is the dedication of the actors never breaking that prison facade. Once inside I like to take my time and examine "explore" the rooms, its fascinating to see the time and effort put into the overall show! Unlike most of the smaller haunts they seem not mind you taking time to admire there hard work and effort. Of course like all haunted houses they have the cheap scares like loud noises and flashing lights but what I find makes statesville stand out above the rest is there attention to detail, creativity on rooms like the "clown room" and actors completely dedicated to the over all production make this the midwests best Haunted house!!

tasha tatge

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